Tom Ford SPECTRE Morocco Knit Tie

Updated October 28th, 2016 – While waiting for his ride in the Moroccan desert in SPECTRE, James Bond wears a rust brown colored Tom Ford knit tie with a pointed blade with his Brunello Cucinelli linen jacket, chinos and belt and the J.Crew Kenton boots. Check out The Suits of James Bond for more information on the complete outfit (including some sartorial suggestions on the length of the tie). Or you can check out AJB007 member Skippy‘s tie purchase on this thread.

Affordable alternatives Tom Ford SPECTRE Morocco Knit Tie


AJB007 member  Skippy has (very nicely!) set me straight on some details concerning the original. The front of the 3″ screen used version was actually the rust brown color and the back was the dark brown. For filming it appears they removed the Tom Ford branded keeper loop/tag. It retailed for $220.00. You can see the tie at Neiman Marcus (sold out, unfortunately). Skippy also shared some photos:

Affordable alternatives Tom Ford SPECTRE Morocco Knit Tie

Affordable alternatives Tom Ford SPECTRE Morocco Knit Tie

Affordable alternatives Tom Ford SPECTRE Morocco Knit Tie

Thanks again for the help!

Features wanted for the Tom Ford SPECTRE Morocco Knit Tie  
  • 100% silk knit tie with pointed end
  • Rust color (reddish-orange brown)
  • 3″ at the widest point

Before we start, I  just want to say that we’re going to cheat a little to keep options under the target price. Silk knit ties with the pointed end are not exactly common, so I’ve included options in grenadine silk. While not exactly knit, at least grenadine offers more texture than a regular silk tie. As for the color, I’ve played a little “fast and loose” with “rust” to provide more alternatives.


Best Option for the Tom Ford SPECTRE Morocco Knit Tie  
Moss Bros. 1851 Wine Knitted Silk Tie: £25.00/$30.00


At 7.5cm, it’s just shy of 3″ at the widest point. Some may feel that’s a little too skinny. But a lot depends on the width of the lapels on the blazer you’re using for your Morocco look. And it was the width of the Tom Ford. The wine color is also darker/redder than the rust of the Tom Ford. But it is a true 100% silk knit for $30. That’s a bargain that’s hard to find.



Options Under $50
Tie Bar Grenafaux Tie in Chocolate: $19.00 

Affordable alternatives Tom Ford SPECTRE Morocco Knit Tie

100% silk for $19.00 ain’t too bad. I’ll let them explain exactly what “grenafaux” means: “At our price, selling a true grenadine silk tie is not possible. But we created this knitty textured, silk solid tie, which we’ll call our ‘faux’ grenadine. It’s well-made, uniquely woven and a necessary addition to your wardrobe.


Jeff Banks Wine Knitted Slim Tie: £20.00


The material is 50% polyester/50% viscose. That’s a little “mey”. And it is skinny: 7cm or about 2.75″. But it is a knit construction with a pointed blade. Available at Debenhams.


Mango Textured Silk Tie in Brown: $35.99/£19.99

mango-silk-tie mango-silk-tie-model

The product pic on the Mango site makes this one look like a lighter shade of brown. But in the photo of the model wearing it, it reads darker. Which one is it? If it’s even half-way between the two, it should be a good alternative. Material is 100% silk woven with a bit of twill-like texture. Just note that this one is on the skinny side: 2.75″.


Options under $100
Chipp Neckwear Rust Grenadine Tie: $55.00 

Affordable alternatives Tom Ford SPECTRE Morocco Knit Tie

No, it’s not a silk knit. But Grenadine is a classic Bond tie material (see Connery) and the color is extremely close to Tom Ford. The tie is handmade in New York City from Italian silk. Thanks to AJB007 forum member Obi Sean Kenobi for suggesting this one!


T.M. Lewin Burgundy Knitted Silk Tie: £35.00/$56.00

TM Lewin Grenadine Tie

It may not be a Rust, but $56 for a 100% silk knit tie is still a good deal. Folks in the U.S. can see it here for $56.00.


Aklasu Brown/Burnt Orange Grenadine Tie: $69.00 

Aklasu Burnt Orange Tie

Chasing Turnier shared an excellent recommendation in the comments. I don’t know much about Aklasu. Their “About Us” page says they’re a Canadian company and they make their ties in Italy. They also offer free shipping in Canada and the U.S.


House of Ties Grenadine Silk “The Nines” Tie in Light Brown: £44.00/$75.00 

Affordable alternatives Tom Ford SPECTRE Morocco Knit Tie

Again, it’s not a true knit. However, “The Nines” Grenadine has more texture than the Tie Bar option, and it’s handmade in Italy. It also comes in a Dark Brown Color if you feel this one is a little too light.


Options Under $150

A few options that cross the $100.00/£70.00 price ceiling, but are still less than the original.

Viola Milano Knitted Solid V-end Tie in Burgundy: €95,00/$103.00/£73.00 

Affordable alternatives Tom Ford SPECTRE Morocco Knit Tie

It just breaks our price ceiling at $103.00. But if you want the texture of the original in a close color match, the Viola Milano is a good choice.


Mark Marengo 3 Pleated Skinny Silk Knitted Tie in Chocolate: £85.00

Affordable alternatives Tom Ford SPECTRE Morocco Knit Tie

Shared by AJB007 forum member Llafyks in the comments below. In general, chocolate brown tends to have a little more red/orange in it. So the color of this option should come closer to the rust of the Tom Ford.


Canter Knitted Silk Tie in Bordeaux: £60.00/$120.00


A made-in-Italy, 100% knitted silk option available at REISS. The color is a deeper burgundy if you like your ties a little darker.


I also should mention that Magnoli Clothiers is working on a replica Tom Ford tie, with an estimated price of around $60.00. You can learn about the development on this AJB007 thread.

As always, we’ll be adding more options as they appear on the market. You can share your alternatives in the comments below. And remember to check out our Facebook page, Instagram account and Pinterest Boards for more James Bond style advice, inspiration and info on where to find the latest deals!

Images sourced at and Bloomberg.

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