Quantum of Solace Church’s Ryder III Chukkas

Updated on February 12th, 2018 – For riding dirt bikes in Haiti and running around the Bolivian desert blowing up eco-hotels, James Bond wears the Church’s Ryder III chukkas in brown suede. You can still pick up the original boots at Herring Shoes for £380.00/$538.00. Upate: Matches Fashion currently has the Ryder IIIs on sale for $408.00 on their U.S. site and £316.00 on their UK site with UK sizes 6 to 12 in stock. Not sure how long that’s going to last! affordable alternatives James Bond Church's Ryder III chukkas

I could be wrong, but it looks like Church itself has replaced the boots Bond uses in Quantum of Solace with a model called the Ryder in Castro suede.


Features Wanted for the Church’s Ryder III chukkas  
  • More of a dress chukka shape (not a “desert boot”)
  • Black, solid sole, preferably with a Dainite® type sole.
  • 2 eyelet lacing

Any by the way: What the Heck?!? Does no one want to make a simple brown suede chukka on a dark rubber sole anymore? This classic style is getting pretty hard to find at a reasonable price these days.


Best Option for the Church’s Ryder III chukkas  


Next Suede Chukka in Brown: £60.00/$87.00

affordable alternatives James Bond Church's Ryder III chukkas

Perhaps not the best quality boots. But they are one of the few affordable options out there that hits all the right design notes, is available in both the U.S. and UK, and is still available in plenty of sizes. Plus, they are very close in color and style to the Ryder IIIs.


Options Under $100 
Hampton Chukka in Brown Suede: £45.00

affordable alternatives James Bond Church's Ryder III chukkas

AJB007 forum member Charmed & Dangerous has shared this great budget option, available at Coogan. This is a three eyelet model with a pseudo-Dainite rubber studded sole. But according to Charmed & Dangerous:

The quality is good, the fit is true to size (I’m a 44 which is roughly 9.5 in old money). The colour seems to be spot on, a nice dark chocolate brown, and the shape seems close to the Ryder’s.” Thanks for the share!


Florsheim Hamilton Chukka in Brown Suede: on sale for $89.99

affordable alternatives James Bond Church's Ryder III chukkas

First, some notes on the design. In general, the Hamilton is a pretty good match for the Ryder IIIs. They are a 3-eyelet chukka. And there’s that subtle broguing around the heel cup. But other than that … not too bad! Now it’s time to play “Chase Your Size”. If you’re a 7 to 8.5, 12 or 13 you’re in luck. Those sizes are on sale at 6pm.com for $85.99. If you’re a 10.5 or 11, you’ll need to head to the Florsheim website, where the boots are on sale for $129.90. And if you’re a 9.5, 10 or 11.5, you’ll find them at Amazon. There the price jumps between $142 and $190.


Options under $200
GANT Spencer Derby Boot in Dark Brown Suede: £125.00

affordable alternatives James Bond Church's Ryder III chukkas

GANT definitely has a winner from a design perspective. The sole even has the Dainite-like studding. And they’re leather-lined, which is a nice touch. The Spencers currently have an 88% positive rating on the GANT website, with most being 5 stars. However, we must once again play “Chase Your Size”. GANT has sizes 7 and 9 UK on their site at the above price. If you need an 8 or 10 UK, head over to Amazon UK, where they’re priced between £75 and £125. If you need another size, sorry, you’re out of luck.


Herring Shoes’ Canterbury Chukka in Brown Suede: £145.00/$167.00

affordable alternatives James Bond Church's Ryder III chukkas

A nice simple 2 eyelet model from Herring. Comes with a Blake-stitched, rubber-studded, Dainite-like sole for a more SA look. They’ve also gone with a leather-lining with a full leather insole. This particular model is made in Portugal and Herring has lots of sizes in stock.


Velasca Arista in Dark Brown Suede: $195.00/€195.00


affordable alternatives James Bond Church's Ryder III chukkas

These made in Italy chukkas feature water-proof overturned suede uppers, blake stitch construction, and the studded Vibram Eton sole. Aside from the 3 eyelets, these look to be a pretty spot-on match for the Ryders. There are currently some gaps in the sizing on the Velasca website. But with their free shipping and free returns in the U.S. and EU, the Aristas are definitely worth a try if they’re in your price range.


If you have a favorite alternative for the Church’s Ryder III chukkas, feel free to share it in the comments! And head over to our Facebook,  Pinterest, and Instagram pages if you’d like to see more Bond!

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