Skyfall Barbour X To Ki To

Updated on February 11th, 2018 – Bond’s extremely popular jacket from the Scotland scenes in Skyfall is the Barbour X To Ki To. Given the jacket’s distinctive styling, it’s obviously a hard one to find an affordable match for. You can learn more about the X To Ki To (and some Barbour alternatives) at James Bond Lifestyle. And you can read this excellent review by James Brosnan for more information about the Barbour Dept. (B) Commander version of the jacket.

affordable James Bond Barbour X To Ki To  affordable James Bond Barbour X To Ki To Skyfall

Finding the combination of simpler blazer design in waxed cotton in the right color and fitted style really is next to impossible. I most often found more traditional “Barbour” style barn coats with corduroy collars, basic travel blazers, or waxed cotton field jackets with busier military details. Now if you still have your heart set on picking up a Barbour that’s as close to To Ki To as possible, check out END Clothing. They have the Barbour Beacon Sports Jacket available in all sizes for $499.00. Update: END Clothing has the Beacon on sale at the time of writing for $349.00 plus free shipping. They only have sizes small, medium and XL in stock. 

affordable James Bond Barbour X To Ki To Skyfall


Best Option for the Barbour X To Ki To: 
Barbour Lutz in Olive: on sale for £175.00

affordable James Bond Barbour X To Ki To Skyfall

The Lutz does have the more traditional Barbour corduroy collar. But you can still wear it like a blazer with the collar popped (as Bond did in the film). Alright, it’s not the cheapest option. However, it is a genuine Barbour in a close color and style for about $100 less than the current Beacon Sports Jacket. Sadly, it’s sold out almost everywhere online. But you can find all sizes on sale at for £175.00.


Under $100
London Fog Milford Washed Cotton Blazer: $49.99

affordable James Bond Barbour X To Ki To Skyfall

Well, it ain’t waxed cotton! And the fit looks pretty boxy. But this alternative from London Fog also won’t break the bank. The darker brown color aside, it’s not a bad match details-wise either. Button closure front, button closure patch hip pockets and a true blazer style. You could do worse for under $50.00 shipped from Amazon. They have sizes small to XL in stock. Note: Check out doubleoslevin’s notes about this option in the comments below!


Under $200
National Geographic Rugged Safari Travel Jacket: on sale for $119.99

affordable James Bond Barbour X To Ki To Skyfall

A significant drop in price makes this NatGeo option more attractive! The Rugged Safari Travel Jacket made from a water resistant (not waxed) cotton. But it maintains its water resistance thanks to “tight weave of the fabric, not a surface waterproofing treatment”. The main complaint from customers on the NatGeo site seems to be about the color. It seems like it comes looking a little “newer” than the one in the product pic. Sizes medium to XXL are in stock.


Vedoneire Vintage Wax Blazer in Brown: £130.00 (approximately $160.00)

affordable James Bond Barbour X To Ki To Skyfall

I’m still loving this alternative from Irish company Vedoneire. It’s more of a blazer style than the screen used Barbour. But the pockets certainly come close.  And “popping” the collar is going to help even more. Fabric is 50% cotton/50% polyester. I have another jacket from these guys, and I’ve been very happy with the quality for the price. And if you’re in the U.S., ordering directly from the company is no problem. That’s what I did, and I received my jacket in about 5 days with no extra duties or taxes.


Under $300
Boden Greenwich Waxed Blazer n Dark Khaki: $250.00

affordable James Bond Barbour X To Ki To Skyfall

If we can look past the Abraham Moon & Sons’ tweed lining on the collar and lapels for a moment …. Made from Halley Stevensons British waxed water-resistant fabric, this one is also insulated with a light quilted lining. So it will work well for those of you in cooler climes. The fit is also fairly tailored, which is nice. Note that the color appears to be closer to dark olive in some of the other product photos. Boden is down to size small now on their website.


The Positive Impact Option
National Geographic Waxed Cotton Travel Blazer: on sale for $179.99

affordable James Bond Barbour X To Ki To Skyfall

This one was made for NatGeo by the Swedish company Fjällräven and it’s been included in this post for a while now. Fjällräven have a fair amount of history behind them (they made the fabric for one of the first expeditions to Greenland). And when you consider that the price of many of their lightweight shells starts at €400, $180 doesn’t seem so bad. But it was only recently that I clicked on their “Responsibility” page. These guys are pretty aware of both the social and environmental impact their business is having. They’re doing some very interesting things to help mitigate that damage. It’s well worth a read to find out how innovative a company can be, not only in its designs, but also in its approach to corporate responsibility.


I’ll keep adding more options as they show up. In the meantime, if you have any great finds you’d like to share, the comments are below! And for more Bond-style inspiration, remember to visit us on FacebookInstagram and Pinterest.

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  • November 19, 2018 at 8:27 am

    I have been following this page for a couple years now. I have two kids and one on the way so spending a lot on a jacket of this sort is not an option. I just purchased the London Fog and am very pleased. Certainly not the slim fit and certainly a bit boxy, but this is a great jacket. The point of the clothes that look Bond-esque are not for dress up/cosplay. Rather it is the feel of Bond. The confidence that you get when you know that the details are covered and you can focus on the big picture, whether at the grocery store or luring Silva to your childhood Scottish home. The London Fog gives that confidence. The great thing about the London Fog is that it’s waterproof still so you don’t miss out on the benefits of waxed cotton. It’s a mix of cotton and polyester. It is really warm. Plan for that. The color says brown but it’s a lot closer to olive than they let on. The orange interior suggests it’s meant for hunting. Appropriate for the alternative it is. I usually wear a large, I could probably pull off a medium but I stuck with large given the holidays are coming up and like I said, one kid on the way. Was great walking around a theme park yesterday in 45 degree (Fahrenheit) weather.

  • September 23, 2017 at 6:12 am

    Thanks for the feedback and information! I’ll mention that in the post above.

  • September 22, 2017 at 9:34 am

    I actually bought the London Fog coat last year for a Skyfall-esque look, and it’s not bad. The fit is better than shown on the model, particularly if you are wearing a sweater underneath it. Not sure why the Amazon listing says it comes with a vest, as it definitely does not.

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