SPECTRE J Crew Kentons

Updated April 27, 2019 – Daniel Craig’s 007 wore the suede J Crew Kentons during the Morocco scenes in SPECTRE with the Matchless Craig Blouson, the Brunello Cucinelli chinos and belt, and both the Tom Ford polo and the Orlebar Brown linen shirt.

J Crew Kentons boot James Bond SPECTRE budget alternative  J Crew Kentons boot James Bond SPECTRE budget alternative

The original J Crew Kentons are no longer available in this color, although they sometimes show up for sale on Ebay and the fan forums. This model had actually been around for a while. But then Bond happened and they flew off the shelves.

Features Wanted for the J Crew Kentons  
  • Darker beige or sand colored suede
  • Higher cut with speed lacing
  • Brick red sole

So about that brick red sole …. One of the big drawbacks of some of the less expensive alternatives is they go with a “natural” colored rubber or leather outsole. And for some that can be a deal breaker. But there may be a solution.

Warning! DYI Moment!

I did a little research into dyeing shoe soles. And I found that the Angelus Sole Dye Kit ($25.55 plus $7.35 shipping) is available in “Brick”. Which means we can actually change our boot soles to the more screen accurate color! Here’s a video from Angelus showing how the dye works.

I haven’t tried this yet. But I have a Kit on order and I’ll share my experience once I’m done. Now, on to the alternatives!


Best Option for the J Crew Kentons
1892 by Thorogood Kenosha Tan 813-3363: on sale for $177.00

J Crew Kentons boot James Bond SPECTRE budget alternative

They’re slightly lighter in color, a little lower cut and they have that extra stitching around the heel. And there’s also that strip of full grain, dark brown leather running down the back seam. But at their current sale price, these are a great deal. Union made in Wisconsin, they’re constructed with rough out leather and come with that distinctive brick red sole we all hunt for. The links above go to Context Clothing, which specializes in heritage/workwear styles. They have the best price and the widest selection of sizes.


Under $200
Golden Fox Footwear 6″ Boondocker Boots in Khaki: $129.99

J Crew Kentons boot James Bond SPECTRE budget alternative

Goofing around on Instagram pays off! I found these on the feed of Golden Fox Footwear and when I saw the price on their website, my jaw dropped. Double stitched suede service boots with a Goodyear Welted construction for under $120? Sounds good to me! They are unlined, which has its pros and cons, and missing the speed lacing hooks. But the reviews for these boots on the style forums say they’re a solid boot for the price, as long as you keep your expectations in check. You can also get these at Amazon U.S. for $90.99 to $139.00, depending on your size, plus $6.95 shipping.

Update: I wrote a review of the Boondockers more than two years ago (you can read that here). Over the last 24 months, I’ve put the boots through their paces. And I have to say they’ve held up incredibly well. There’s still almost no wear on the soles. The uppers haven’t gone soft or floppy and really kept their structure. And they’ve definitely broken in and molded to my feet. So they’re super comfortable to wear. Overall, I’m very happy with them and have no hesitation continuing to recommend them.


Frye Bowery Lace-up in Ash Washed Waxed Suede: on sale for $161.10

J Crew Kentons boot James Bond SPECTRE budget alternative

Well, the color is a good match. And the overall style has that Kenton vibe. Even with all the extra stitching. Plus, you know Frye makes a pretty decent boot, especially at the sale price. But then you see the BIG zipper running up the instep side of the boot. And you frown. Because you know that no matter how close the rest of the boot may come, that zipper is going to cause most readers to just scroll on past this alternative ….

Oh yeah. They’re available at Zappos.


Shoe the Bear Ned Suede Lace Up Boots: £139.99

J Crew Kentons boot James Bond SPECTRE budget alternative

I’ve had zero experience with Shoe the Bear. So I honestly can’t discuss the quality of this particular alternative. On the product page, the suede color looks a little more “golden” than ideal. Plus, there’s a strip of darker leather running up the back seam, topped off with what looks like a black webbing pull tab. Having said all that, they definitely have a cleaner look than the Fryes above. And the don’t have zippers! Zalando still has a decent selection of sizes left, but stock is running real low.


The Investment Piece
Oak Street Bootmakers Natural Rough-Out Dainite Trench Boot: $468.00

J Crew Kentons boot James Bond SPECTRE budget alternative

No, they’re not cheap. But you definitely get what you pay for with Oak Street. Made in the USA from Horween’s Rough Out Chromexcel leather and a Goodyear Welted Dainite sole, they’re built like tanks. I have a pair of Oak Street Moc Toe Camp boots, and they’re among my favorites: very well made and very comfortable. These trench boots will stretch the wallet and require some break-in time. But I think it’ll be worth it over the long haul.


If you have some suggestions for great Kenton alternatives, leave them in the comments below. And we also post affordable alternatives and deals from around the net (as well as other fun and informative stuff) on our Facebook page, Instagram account and Pinterest boards!

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12 thoughts on “SPECTRE J Crew Kentons

    • September 18, 2019 at 9:05 am

      Those look good! I’ll try and include them in an upcoming post with credit to you for the find. Thanks!

  • January 17, 2017 at 7:23 pm

    Golden Fox Footwear 6″ Boon Docker Boots in Khaki (product number SU6335K9).

    Price (factory seconds)
    $39.99USD = $53.00AUD
    $29.50USD = $39.10AUD
    $69.49USD = 93.00AUD
    (Disclaimer. I paid for these boots myself as a normal customer. I was not approached by the company to review the boots).

    After reading the SPECTRE J Crew Kenton’s article on Iconic Alternatives, I decided to order the Golden Fox 6” Boon Docker Boots. I ordered the factory seconds, directly from Golden Fox, as I thought for the price I would not be too disappointed if I didn’t like them, or they were an incorrect fit. And I’m all about the budget alternative when possible.

    The ordering process was easy, I received a confirmation email with a tracking number and twelve days later the boots arrived at my Post Office. Well packaged and included a 20% discount card for my next full priced purchase.

    First impressions:

    Quality: Wow, really wow. Very well made (even though the seconds are single stitched, not double like the full priced ones). Lovely soft leather, good laces. Sole seems to be very rugged, slip and oil resistant.

    I ordered Khaki of course. I would say the actual colour is a little more golden sandy than the picture above. I believe these will darken with wear.

    Perfect US size 9 for me (I have a wide foot). They have a removable inner that you could take out if you happen to find them tight for you. But for me they were perfect.

    Approx. 650 grams – 1.43 pounds EACH boot. Most of the weight is in the sole, which is very rugged.

    Why is it a factory second?
    Each boot has a small mark on the side, less than one centimeter in diameter, where it appears something has rubbed the leather leaving a slight indentation and a darkish mark. I assume that quality control has picked up the fault and the boot does not go for double stitching to save on costs. I could have just as easily scuffed the boot worse than this accidentally by wearing it and I have no problem with the boots I received. The marks do not detract from this pair of boots.

    Buying US based items from Australia is problematic at the moment due to the low value of the Australian dollar. Even bargains in the US are not particularly cheap after conversion. However, even at $93AUD I think these boots are worth the money.

    Would I buy these boots and other items from Golden Fox again?

    Similarity to the SPECTRE boot:
    I don’t own the Kenton’s, so I have to base this off the movie, movie stills and images of the Kenton boots from the internet. As I said, the boots are a light sandy colour, slightly lighter than the actual image on the Golden Fox website (in my opinion). The Kenton’s seem darker and browner in pictures, however, if you look at some stills from the movie, the Kenton’s are quite light (they have probably been aged to simulate the desert conditions), more like the Golden Fox boots. I believe these boots will darken with age.

    Yes, there are no speed lacing hooks, but quite frankly after these hooks have caught on your other boot or other random things as your walking along, your glad to have boots without them.

    Has a brown/reddish sole.

    Overall “look”:
    Perfect with chino’s (khaki’s) and jeans. Dress down with a t-shirt, polo, short sleeve button up shirt. Dress up with long sleeve button up shirt and sports jacket.

    If I was Bond, deployed to a warm climate, these boots would be in my bag!

  • January 3, 2017 at 5:05 pm

    Just ordered the Golden Fox Boondocks. They seem to be a great boot. I’ll update after they arrive.

    • January 3, 2017 at 5:31 pm

      Excellent! I have a pair coming for review as well. Look forward to comparing notes!

    • December 3, 2016 at 9:11 am

      Good alternative for the Playboy!

    • December 3, 2016 at 7:49 am

      Those look good, Steve! I’ll add them to the post for the next update, with credit to you for the find!

  • October 28, 2016 at 6:27 am

    I’m quite impressed with the silver Street boots, some nice little touches, and they are relatively light, if like me you have an array of boots to choose from then these should last. After all I paid full price for the sanders and sanders boots and got one season out of them.

    • April 14, 2016 at 6:43 pm

      Hi; we’ve been keeping an eye on that one and had it on the list for a while. Sadly, it’s down to a size 14 in stock and it looks like they’ve replaced it with another model. It was a great score when it was on sale with a full size run!


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