Quantum of Solace Harrington Jacket

Updated September 18th, 2017 – Like the Tom Ford black cardigan, for a few years after the film’s release it seemed like every brand had its own version of the Quantum of Solace Harrington jacket. Now? Not so easy to find a budget one with the right details. Here some other (famous) shots of the original from Tom Ford:

affordable alternative quantum of solace harrington jacket affordable alternative quantum of solace harrington jacket

Features Wanted for the Quantum of Solace Harrington Jacket
  • Harrington/Barracuda style collar
  • Dark navy blue cotton or cotton blend
  • No elasticized or knitted cuffs or hem.


Best Option for the Quantum of Solace Harrington Jacket
 Onfire Harrington Jacket in Navy: on sale for £19.99
affordable alternative quantum of solace harrington jacket
Yep, the Onfire again. This is a new version of their Harrington. 100% cotton and the hem is elasticized at the sides only. The best feature (aside from the price) is the color. It’s that deeper, darker blue that we need to get the Bolivia look. Unfortunately, M and M Direct do NOT ship to the U.S. But if you live just about anywhere in Europe, it’s available!
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The Classic Option:
Baracuta G4 in Dark Navy: €299.00

affordable alternative quantum of solace harrington jacket

Honestly, if you can afford it, just save up and get a genuine Baracuta G4 in Navy. Normally they’re priced around $450.00 and up with shipping, duties, exchange rate, etc., but Baracuta just had a 30% off sale, so the price came in at $350.00 shipped to the United States. As a bonus, you will be the owner of a jacket that has a long history beyond Bond.

The Replica Option: 

affordable alternative quantum of solace harrington jacket affordable alternative quantum of solace harrington jacket

Finding a good replica is always a solid option. Magnoli Clothiers have a version for $350.00 (shown below on the left) and AJB007 user SilverFinger made a popular replica sold through his ROYALE Filmwear site (shown below on the right). The ROYALE version is sold out, but you can still find people selling used ones on AJB007 (or wait patiently for their next production run!) You can read my review of the jacket here.


Under $100   
Howick Regatta Harrington Jacket in Navy: on sale for £30.00

affordable alternative quantum of solace harrington jacket

This option has been on our list here for quite a while now. Made from 63% cotton/37% nylon blend, the jacket does have snap button closures at the collar and that knit hem. But color and fit-wise, it looks like it could get the job done. However, you’ll need to be a size small. That’s all House of Fraser has left in stock.


Celio Cotton Harrington Jacket in Navy: 49,99€

affordable alternative quantum of solace harrington jacket

And one specifically for our friends in Europe. Celio isn’t particularly well known. But I’ve pretty happy with the few things I’ve purchased from them. Their take on the Harrington does have the knit hem. But it keeps the cuffs elastic free and it’s a nice deep blue. Unfortunately, only sizes small and medium are left. And they tend to size on the smaller side.


ASOS PLUS Harrington Jacket in Navy: $56.00/£35.00

affordable alternative quantum of solace harrington jacket

One for the bigger guys that want to add some Bond-style to their closet. Credit to ASOS for realizing not everyone is built like Daniel Craig and delivering a jacket that captures that Bolivia look. The material is a cotton twill and it has the button cuffs and waist adjuster tabs. Remember that ASOS ships free worldwide. And that’s always a bonus!


Everlane Modern Harrington Jacket in Navy: $68.00

About as cleanly designed a Harrington as you’re going to get. Everlane has used a 5oz, water resistant cotton cloth for their jacket and gone with hidden snap closures on the collar tab and pockets. They’ve also forgone any buttons on the cuffs or hem. Given the typical quality of Everlane’s products, this one should be a steal for under seventy bucks. They’re also an ethical company, only working with factories that meet certain fair labor and environmental standards and promoting transparent pricing. Lots to like!


Under $200
Ralph Lauren Polo Barracuda Jacket in College Navy: $219.00/£175.00

affordable alternative quantum of solace harrington jacket

This Polo alternative avoids the knit cuffs/hem pitfalls of many of the other options listed. It also appears to be unlined, which would make it a good choice for those of you in warmer climates. I’ve linked to End. Clothing for this option, since it looks like they’re offering a version with a blue polo pony logo on the chest and have sizes small to XXL in stock. But if you’re okay with a red chest logo (or really good with magic marker), the official Ralph Lauren site has the same jacket for $165.00.


GANT Raglan Jacket in Blu: on sale for $199.99

affordable alternative quantum of solace harrington jacket

The GANT Raglan is still on deep discount at SaksOff5th (regular price is $415.00). But they only have sizes large, XL and 4XL in stock. Of course I need to point out that elasticized knit hem. But more important is the fact that this alternative has raglan sleeves (hence the name). If you have broader shoulders, raglan sleeves shouldn’t be a problem (see the ASOS PLUS alternative above). But if you’re on the narrow side? Know that the angle of the shoulder seams will tend to emphasis your lack of width up top.


Under $300
Charles Tyrwhitt Navy Harrington Jacket: on sale for $350.00/£258.00

affordable alternative quantum of solace harrington jacket

If you can get over the price and that knit trim at the collar, this 100% cotton alternative from Charles Tyrwhitt should do the job nicely! Not a lot of photos on their website showing the jacket details. But, aside from the dark blue color, flapless pockets and matte blue zipper, we’re also getting open cuffs and hem and fabric that was woven in England. The jacket also comes in suit sizing (36, 38, etc.) so it’s easier to fine tune the fit. And the description says they’ve updated the cut to fit a little trimmer.


If you’ve found an option for the quantum of solace Harrington jacket that works for you, share the link in the comments below. And remember to check us out our Instagram account, Facebook page and Pinterest Boards for more James Bond style advice, inspiration and info on where to find the latest deals!

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7 thoughts on “Quantum of Solace Harrington Jacket

  • April 14, 2017 at 4:13 pm

    The ASOS navy Harrington is a great match for Craig’s Tom Ford model. Not quite as dark as the one from QOS, but a pretty good match. I have one of the ASOS Harrington’s in there regular fit, it even has not elastic on the cuffs and band like the Tom Ford one.

  • March 15, 2017 at 11:38 am

    The ASOS Harrington is great- much darker than it appears in the pictures and 100% cotton. It’s currently on sale for £28 too.

  • February 20, 2017 at 5:59 am

    I ordered the Onfire Harrigton and I could not be more pleased with it! The one on this article was sold out by the time I got there, but an almost identical one from Onfire had conveniently just been released for £49.99 (I will post a link to it at the bottom of this comment). As I’m a student this was a bit out of my price range but after a couple of weeks the price had dropped to £24.99, which was perfect for me! I’m 5’7″ and around 80kg and I went for the Medium. The fit is excellent, I’m quite broad in the shoulders so I was concerned that it would be a bit snug but I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived, it has plenty or room for me to move around in it. The material feels good and it certainly looks and feels like it costs a lot more than it does! There is some elastic in the hem on both sides but nothing to worry about, I would imagine a tailor could remove that at relatively little cost but I plan to leave mine in as I think it adds to the shape of it. I think MandMdirect will continue to reduce the price until it sells out and then release a new version when it does, so I wouldn’t be too worried if your size sells out as another one will be available soon after. All sizes are currently still available.


  • November 17, 2016 at 10:32 am

    I ordered the Onfire Harrington, just out of curiosity. For such a low price you can take some risk. But it was just not it, it’s a straight, thin thing without a modelor a shape. And way too slim fit in the chest. You couldn’t throw a good Bond -punch in it. Absolutely no competition for a Baracuta, which is a high quality product. However, considering the difference in price, that’s not an honest comparison…

  • April 8, 2016 at 12:11 pm

    I went with the Marks & Sparks offering for $79 with free shipping; took 3 days to arrive. I’m 6′, 185lbs with a 42 chest and I went with a Medium. I would prefer it to be just a tad longer in the arms, but overall I’m happy with it. if I had gone with a Large i think it would have been too big around the waist. I don’t think the small amount of elastic on the sides is that noticeable. Great find; thanks for posting.

    • April 8, 2016 at 12:34 pm

      Great! Glad we could help you find what you were looking for, and it’s great to get some feedback on the M&S option. Thanks!


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