SPECTRE Tom Ford Prince of Wales Suit

Updated July 24th, 2019 – For blowing up buildings and and crashing landing on couches in Mexico City in SPECTRE, James Bond wears an O’Conner model Tom Ford Prince of Wales suit in airforce blue.

Affordable James Bond SPECTRE Tom Ford Prince of Wales suit

Affordable James Bond SPECTRE Tom Ford Prince of Wales suit

This suit has very quickly become a fan favorite. Matt Spaiser has an excellent description of the suit in this post on The Suits of James Bond. And BAMF Style published a detailed analysis of the complete outfit, from gun to watch. Definitely worth reading!


Some considerations about suits:
  • First, if you are not familiar with suit jacket construction, I would highly recommend reading this article over at The Art of Manliness.
  • Second, a good suit is as much about the fit as it is about the fabric. Choose a suit that you feel comfortable wearing rather than one that’s cut exactly like Bond’s. Much of Bond’s appeal is rooted in the confidence he radiates. Being too scared to bust into a quick action move because your jacket or pants might rip does not help with said confidence ….
  • Third, let’s be realistic about what we’ll get for our money. Most of the options below are fused construction, which is the cheapest way to make a suit. We may also be looking at wool/polyester blends, although I have tried to stay with 100% wool options when possible.

Alright, let’s get to it …


Best Options for the SPECTRE Tom Ford Prince of Wales suit  
Hawes & Curtis Navy & Blue Windowpane Check Slim Fit Italian Suit: on sale for £299.00/$431.00


Let’s get the inaccuracies out of the way. This is not a Prince of Wales check. And the two button jacket is double vented. But there’s a lot of reasons this is the “Best Option”. To start, the suiting is a Super 140s Italian wool. And the base color, with its subtle check and pale blue windowpane, give the fabric a close look to what we see on-screen. As for the details, the jacket is finished off with genuine corozo nut buttons and working cuff buttons. And the trousers feature side-adjusters rather than belt loops, which is very Bond. The suit is also sold as separates, meaning you can get the jacket and trousers in the sizes that fit best. And last is that 40% off sale price. Hawes & Curtis still have all sizes available on their website.


Under $500.00
Moss Bros Savoy Taylors Guild Regular Fit Blue Check Suit: £259.00


I shared a less expensive Moss Bros. suit in an earlier post. This one costs more, but I think it gives more bang for the buck. We’ve moved up to a 100% wool suiting and a notch lapel jacket. That along makes it higher quality (although undoubtedly still a fused construction) and more screen accurate. You can also purchase the suit as separates, which is good news for those of you with bodies that don’t match the brand’s definition of “average”. Moss Bros. still has all sizes available.


Brooks Brothers Regent Fit BrooksCool Check Suit: on sale for $349.00


Could have been the “Best Option”, especially at that sale price. The problem? They have all sizes in stock, but only in Short length. However, if you’re looking for a Short, this is definitely worth checking out! The 100% Italian wool BrooksCool fabric claims to be lightweight, breathable and crease and water-resistant. The suiting color and pattern is a solid match for the on-screen version. And the details, while not totally screen accurate, are pretty nice: half-lined jacket construction, pick stitching and a center vent. The Regent cut is Brooks Brothers “tailored classic” fit. So expect some room in the chest and pants. If you’re a shorter, stockier guy, they also have the same suit in the Brooks Brothers’ Madison Fit for the same price.


Indochino Hemsworth Prince of Wales Blue Suit: on sale for $399.00


This suggestion comes to us from our Facebook friend Sean. Made from 100% Super 100’s Merino wool, the color and pattern are a great match for the Tom Ford suit. The jacket is a half-canvased, which will wear better than a cheaper fused construction. Indochino suits are Made-to-Measure. Which means you’ll need to dial in your measurements to get the exact fit you want. But you can also customize the style details, adding things like pick stitching, roped shoulders, a three-roll-two button closure, functional cuff buttons and trouser side-tabs instead of belt loops. I’ve linked to the navy option. But they also do the same suit in a lighter blue for the same price which I would also consider screen accurate. Thanks Sean!


Under $1000.00
Suit Supply Washington Navy Check Suit: $569.00/£379.00


There’s no denying that SuSu has its fans. Personally, I find the fit of their half-canvassed jackets to be quite good. But the trousers tend to wear out a little quickly. Decent fabrics as well. This particular model uses a Vitale Barberis Canonico Super 110 and has a great color and pattern. The Tom Ford-ish barchetta chest pocket is also a nice touch. Only downside is this is one of their nested sets. So you’re stuck with the trouser size that comes with the jacket (they have about a 6″ drop, I believe). This is also in SuitSupply’s “Washington” fit, which is definitely on the slim side.


Gagliardi Loro Piana Mid-Navy Tonal Windowpane Check Suit: €519.00/$579.99


Similar to the Hawes & Curtis suit above, this one isn’t a Prince of Wales check. Again, we have a light blue windowpane pattern over a more subtle dark blue and black textured weave. But from a few feet out, it’ll look pretty darn close to the SPECTRE suit. What’s really great about this one is the suiting. Gagliardi has gone with Loro Piana’s 100% Super 130’s Four Season wool fabric. Which is very nice. The suit is available in a Slim and Contemporary (roomier) fit, in short, regular and long cuts. So lots of sizing options. But this another nested set, so you’re stuck with the trouser size that comes with the jacket.


Brooks Brothers Regent Fit Plaid with Overcheck 1818 Suit: on sale for $599.00


One more Brooks Brothers’ alternative for you. But this one is from their made in the U.S.A. 1818 line. And it’s full canvas, which makes it even more attractive at that sale price. As with the option above, this one comes in their “tailored classic” Regent fit. The 100% Italian wool suiting is a true Prince of Wales pattern and the blue (although a little darker IRL according to the reviews) looks to be a close color match for the SPECTRE suit. Brooks Brothers has sizes 40 to 46 regular in stock.


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Images sourced from The Independent and Movieweb.

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