Quantum of Solace Y-3 Jacket

Man, James Bond really does find some nice stuff on his adventures. Case in point: the Adidas Y-3 jacket Bond steals in Haiti in Quantum of Solace. Created in collaboration with designer Yohji Yamamoto, the Y-3 is a simple jacket based on a traditional design and it’s nearly impossible to find now (here’s a link to an old Ebay listing where you can still check out some pictures of the original). BAMF Style does a solid job of providing details on the whole Haiti look.

budget Quantum of Solace y-3 jacket

How traditional is the design? Compare this 1970’s Silton Golf Jacket to the screen used jacket. I swear, given some of his wardrobe choices, Craig’s Bond is ready to hit the links at any moment.

budget Quantum of Solace y-3 jacket      budget Quantum of Solace y-3 jacket

Back to the Y-3. The fit is everything with this jacket; while a lot of the possible alternatives get the details right, they’re cut like a box leaving you looking like either a 15 year old skateboarder or little league baseball coach. That actually leaves very few viable options for the more budget conscious among us, but there are a few on the market.

Features wanted for the Adidas Y-3 Jacket:
  • Harrington or Eisenhower style jacket with zip front and spread collar with storm tab (the storm tab was hidden or removed for the film, so it’s not absolutely essential for a screen accurate look).
  • Cotton/polyester blend material; should have a bit of sheen but not look like nylon
  • Welt pockets
  • Button side adjuster tabs and button cuffs
  • No knitting on the cuffs or hem; while the original Y-3 did have a partially elasticized hem at the back, we don’t want the whole hem to be elasticized.
  • Trim fit through the body and sleeves with higher armholes.
  • No visible logos if possible
The Replicas

There are a few trusted replica manufacturers you may want to check out first.

Magnoli Clothiers offers their Solace Jacket on a made-to-measure basis for $350.00.

budget Quantum of Solace y-3 jacket

Royale Filmwear’s Quantum Haiti Jacket is $189.00. Currently sold out unfortunately, but I believe another production run is planned soon. Email them at royalefilmwear@gmail.com to get your name on the waiting list.

budget Quantum of Solace y-3 jacket

Logan’s Closet (snikt!) doesn’t show their version of the Y-3 on their website, but their work does get good reviews on this older filmjackets.com forum thread. You can also see some of their work on this AJB007 thread.

Best OTR Option:

SCOTTeVEST Sterling Jacket in Black: on sale for $150.00 


budget Quantum of Solace y-3 jacket

Not the cheapest option. But the cotton-blend Sterling Jacket comes loaded with enough gadgets to keep Bond himself busy. Examples? Zip-off sleeves, 25 pockets, a dedicated RFID blocking pocket for your credit card and passport, dedicated sunglasses pocket with attached cleaning cloth, a built in cable management system …. Seriously, the list goes on and on. So is it the most SA option on this list? Probably not. Is it the flat-out coolest jacket on this list? Yes. Yes it is.

Alternatives Under $50.00

Dickies Lined Service Jacket: $29.97

budget Quantum of Solace y-3 jacket

This one’s a bit of risk. In some pictures it looks huge; in others more fitted. It also has the Dickies tag on the waist (seam ripper!). However, there are side adjuster tabs and button cuffs . Try it on first if you can or seriously consider sizing down. Those of you in the UK can see it on Amazon; they call it the Lined Eisenhower Jacket and it sells for £49.97 – £59.97.

H&M Canvas Jacket in Black: $39.99 

budget Quantum of Solace y-3 jacket

A great suggestion from Nick in the comments. The jacket is part of their David Beckham line; fabric is 100% cotton so, as Nick says, it probably won’t have the sheen of the original. Thanks for the share!

London Fog Towne Microfiber Golf Jacket: on sale for $49.99

budget Quantum of Solace y-3 jacket

I’m going to add a “maybe” option here. This option from Kohl’s one has the elasticized hems at the side, so the fit could be a little “blousey”.


Alternatives Under $100.00

Quicksilver Billy Twill Jacket in Anthracite: on sale for $51.99 

budget Quantum of Solace y-3 jacket

No side tabs and it’s 100% cotton, so you won’t get the shiny effect of the original’s material, but it is a slimmer cut. It also has a light fleece pile lining, so it will be better for colder weather.


OBEY Division Rose Jacket in Charcoal: on sale for $59.99 

OBEY Division Rose Jacket

Coming to you from Urban Outfitters. Can’t say I’m too crazy about that. Fabric is a cotton/poly blend, and the jacket has button cuffs and a rose logo embroidered on the chest for good measure. On the plus side, it’s from streetwear brand OBEY, so we’re most likely getting a slim fit.

Tommy Hilfiger Lightweight Full-Zip Jacket in Black: $69.98 

Tommy Hilfiger Lightweight Jacket

Looks like we have an updated, slimmer fitting option from Mr. Hilfiger. Polyester/nylon blend fabric with welt hand-warmer pockets and button cuffs. Available at Macy’s and all sizes are in stock. Nice upgrade!

Cutter & Buck CB Weathertec Mason Full Zip Jacket: $35.37 to $78.30

budget Quantum of Solace y-3 jacket

It’s coming to you from Amazon, which explains the price spread. Most regular sizes are around $60.00. No side adjuster tabs on this one, but it seems to have a trimmer fit. 

Dockers Micro-Twill Classic Zip-Front Jacket: $35.84 to $64.00

budget Quantum of Solace y-3 jacket

Amazon has the Dockers Micro-Twill Classic Zip-Front Jacket on sale for $64.00 with a full run of sizes in stock.

Brands will be releasing their new fall lines soon, so I’m hoping more options will appear. I’ll keep adding them as I find them. As always, you can share your finds in the comments below.

Images sourced from BAMF Style and The Take

This post was updated on August 9, 2016. 

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7 thoughts on “Quantum of Solace Y-3 Jacket

  • November 27, 2018 at 10:56 pm

    Asos are currently stocking a black cotton Harrington-cut jacket with a pointed Y3-style collar. It doesn’t come with Harrington-style cuff or side fasteners but does compare very favourably with the other Y3 alternatives listed on this page. I just picked myself up one over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals and I am very happy with the style, fit and construction. I think it is a very good alternative to the Y3. Comes with an inside pocket. Here’s the link: https://m.asos.com/au/asos-design/asos-design-harrington-jacket-in-black/prd/10292645?iid=10292645&custref=29396922&affid=14564&channelref=email&orderref=365465110

  • August 1, 2016 at 9:06 pm

    No problem!! H&M has a LOT of really good alternatives, I’ve discovered.

  • August 1, 2016 at 11:19 am

    H&M has a nice unlined alternative, although it Probably lacks the slight sheen due to being 100% cotton. The zipper is also a little too noticeable.

    Otherwise, it seems to be a good choice for 40 smackers in either navy or black. I don’t own it yet, but I’ll probably pick it up toward the end of summer.


    • August 1, 2016 at 11:24 am

      Another awesome find! Thanks Nick! I will update the post with credit to you for the find.

  • May 23, 2016 at 7:28 pm

    Bought the Quicksilver billy. Love the fit and style. Paid 40.00 dollars and worth every penny. Now the small down side it’s lined and very warm jacket which is good and bad depending how long you can wear it as the seasons change. I definitely recommend it and it does have a nice inside pocket on the left side. Enjoy.

    • May 24, 2016 at 2:32 pm

      That’s great, Craig! Thanks for the feedback!


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