Tomorrow Never Dies Vietnam Outfit

affordable Pierce Brosnan James Bond Tomorrow Never Dies Vietnam outfit
One of my favorite outfits from Pierce Brosnan’s time as James Bond is the Tomorrow Never Dies Vietnam outfit. He wears a blue linen shirt and black joggers for his escape from Elliot Carver and during the motorcycle chase scene. You can learn a little more about the outfit at The Suits of James Bond. Personally, I like this outfit because it is great for semi-warm weather (70°-80° F). I also like how spunky it is and how it’s really a classic 90’s style, which is making its way back as a fashion at the moment. Usually I don’t like to follow fashions, but I have been and will continue wearing this outfit after 90’s style is no longer in style. So let’s look at the screen accurate version and then see how we might be able to update it for those who are not completely in love with all the finer details of this outfit.
The Blue Linen Shirt
Affordable Pierce Brosnan Blue Linen Shirt
The shirt is a long sleeve, blue linen shirt with one left breast pocket, white buttons with a button pocket. The most frugal, yet still great quality, alternative I know is from Uniqlo.
Affordable alternative Pierce Brosnan Blue Linen Shirt
These shirts are 100% linen and absolutely fantastic for the price ($30.00 to $40.00 U.S.). This is the shirt I use for my version of the outfit. Linen shirts from (shown in order below) Perry Ellis in Deft Blue, Claudio, Penguin, or Shades of Grey can also work.
Affordable Pierce Brosnan James Bond Linen Shirt Affordable Pierce Brosnan James Bond linen shirt Affordable Pierce Brosnan James Bond linen shirt  affordable Pierce Brosnan James Bond linen shirt
Bond certified brands like Ted Baker and Orlebar Brown would also be great high quality options to keep an eye out for, if you don’t mind losing the pocket:
Affordable Pierce Brosnan James Bond linen shirt
The Pants
The pants are black joggers, cut wide and full down the leg with an elasticized cuff. It’s hard for me to tell if Bond’s joggers have a drawstring here. The waist is definitely elastic, and the outline of the a drawstring inside the waist is visible in some of the photos, but I have yet to see the drawstring itself. Possibly someone else can chime in on this. 
affordable Tomorrow Never Dies Vietnam outfit affordable Tomorrow Never Dies Vietnam outfit
For me, and keeping with Bond tradition, I prefer 100% cotton or a linen blend for the joggers. The type of joggers you chose for this can have a big difference on the formality of the outfit. You can get sweat pant joggers for a super casual look, or twill joggers for a more around the town type of casual. It looks like Bond’s joggers are somewhere in between, and I could be wrong but that’s usually what I look for. And, of course, you can opt for or against the drawstring. I found this pair of linen/cotton blend joggers from Guess on sale for $53.40.
affordable Pierce Brosnan Linen Black Pants
I liked that they are a linen blend, so I ordered them, and they were too long, but I have short legs. I also didn’t like the drop crotch so much, even though it wasn’t too extreme. Otherwise, they’re good quality, light weight alternatives. If you’re okay going with cotton, you have more options under $50.00 from  Macy’s and Levi’s.
affordable Pierce Brosnan James Bond black linen pants  affordable Pierce Brosnan James Bond black linen pants
The Shoes
The shoes are blue plimsoll trainers with 6 eyelets and white laces. The blue is a very similar shade to the shirt. The best option I have found so far are from Vans for $54.95, although it only has 5 eyelets:
affordable Tomorrow Never Dies Vietnam outfit
Variations and Updates

Remember, the point here is to wear what makes you happy. If dressing exactly like Bond in this case makes you happy, then go for it. But, if some of the details of this outfit don’t fit your own personal style or personality, there is still a very timeless outfit hidden in here that can work for almost anyone.

A long sleeve linen shirt is classic summer gear, and the blue is a conservative color. Some people might think that a short sleeve linen shirt would be better for summer, but I live in Florida, and a long sleeve linen shirt is just as effective at heat management and even more so at keeping the sun from transferring heat directly to your skin. The fit on Bond is outrageously oversized, but a relaxed fit is what you want in the heat. A medium relaxed fit that is not oversized and is certainly not snug and slim on your body is both classic and functional.

If you don’t like joggers, go with some cotton chinos or linen pants. You can do pants in black or in a dark navy. Pair the pants with a pair of sandals or flip flops, and you’ve got a great summer look. I’ve been wearing this outfit with navy chinos and flip flops for a while now, and it works perfectly for even the hottest Florida summer days.

Shawn picture 1

That’s another thing about joggers: for me, they always keep my legs too warm during hot weather, so going with a chino or, better yet, a nice casual linen pant can give you the breathability that can make all the difference. I know black is not ideal for warm weather, but I like the color combination with the blue.

Have some alternatives for the outfit you’d like to share? Post them in the comments below! And check out some other Bond looks on our Facebook page and Pinterest Boards!
Some of the images used in this post were sourced from The Suits of James Bond
This post was updated on May 13th, 2016.

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