Best Budget Bond Finds April 2016

“Best Budget Bond Finds” shares the top discoveries from the previous month. Some of these will have already been included in past posts and are deserving of another mention, some will be great alternatives found by the intrepid community, and some are just odds and ends that don’t currently have a home.

Best Zara “Enjoying Death” Shirt Alternative

I made no secret of the fact that I searched for months just to come up with a handful of affordable Enjoying Death shirt alternatives, none of which were perfect. Then AJB007 forum member Cubby comes up with this one: The Urban Pipeline Cambray Button Down Shirt on sale for $24.99 at Kohl’s.  Thanks a lot Cubby (I say with just a trace of jealousy and resentment in my voice …). You can check out other Enjoying Death shirt options in this post.

best budget Bond finds April 2016

Best New Option for the Brunello Cucinelli Linen Blazer from SPECTRE

Spring brought a variety of new options for the BC blazer/sport coat, but the best deal in terms of price, looks and availability was probably the Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Gibbs Herringbone Sport Coat at Amazon. Regularly $395.00, a 40 regular is now going for $170.00, with pricing on other sizes dropping as low as $101.00. It does have a light herringbone pattern (it’s there in the name), but it looks subtle in the online pics. Still a good run of sizes left. More Morocco linen sport coat alternatives can be seen in this post.   

best budget Bond finds April 2016

Budget Tom Ford Snowdon Sunglasses

Jeez, did these things cause some pain for a while. Were they the black frame? Havana? What color are the SA lenses? At about $400 for a pair, people wanted to make damn sure they were getting the right ones. In the end, the Christies SPECTRE auction listing laid any doubts to rest: in the film, Craig wore model FT0237 with the Havana 52N frame color and the grey lenses in size 50.

And AJB007 forum member Cubby strikes again! He found a truly budget alternative at Target for $16.99: the Surf Sunglasses have a black frame with grey lenses, but the shape and longer inset metal detailing at the hinge make it pretty obvious what inspired them. Not saying these are the best things for UV protection, but if you want a pair for occasionally pulling off the Rome look ….

best budget Bond finds April 2016   best budget Bond finds April 2016

Daniel Craig’s Newsboy/Driving Cap

This cap style has been getting a lot of love on the forums recently, and Craig owns multiple versions from different brands.

best budget Bond finds April 2016 best budget Bond finds April 2016

At the lower end of the price spectrum, there are a lot of options to choose from. One that looks good is the Goorin ‘Mikey’ Driving Cap in blue ($25.00) or grey ($30.00) at Nordstrom. Both colors are 80% polyester/20% wool blends, so don’t expect the feel of a $300 Brunello Cucinelli.

best budget Bond finds April 2016 best budget Bond finds April 2016

But since we’re getting into the hot weather, you may want to consider the Goorin ‘Steve B’ Driving Cap in linen/cotton for $49.00 at Nordstrom. Will probably be cooler than a wool/poly blend or cashmere.

best budget Bond finds April 2016

John Varvatos Blue Suede Racer Alternative

It’s seems like there are never enough solid alternatives on the market at the same time to do a solid post about affordable options for the JV racer jacket from SPECTRE. Anything even remotely screen accurate seems to either be faux-suede (which is basically like wearing a plastic bag) or $600.00 and up. The latest budget one I found is at ASOS: the Barney’s Slim Fit Suede Bomber in navy is on sale for  $146.00/£90.00 (regularly $323.00/£180.00).  As the name suggests, it’s a bomber with the knit collar, cuffs and hem, but the material matches the JV color and it’s genuine suede with almost all sizes still in stock.

best budget Bond finds April 2016 best budget Bond finds April 2016

Bond’s Bahamas Arrival Grey Linen Suit Alternative

A complete post with multiple alternatives for the grey linen suit Craig’s Bond wears at the start of his trip in the Bahamas in Casino Royale is high on my list of priorities. For now, there’s a Topman option out there with the SA peak lapels, but it’ll cost ya $400.00 and it’s 96% polyester.  A better bet would be the Perry Ellis Slim Fit Chambray Jacket ($175.00) and Slim Fit Chambray Pants ($79.50) in Alloy, especially when you consider that Perry Ellis stuff always goes on sale at some point. The jacket is only a two button with a single vent, and lacks the peak lapels, but it is 100% cotton, which should keep you cooler (and wrinkle) like the original linen and is a little more contemporary in its styling. You can see more options in this post.

best budget Bond finds April 2016 best budget Bond finds April 2016

Find anything good this April? Share your discoveries in the comments below. And remember you can catch us on Facebook and Pinterest if you’re looking to stay on top of deals from around the net or just need some inspiration.

Images used in this post were sourced from BAMF Style, The Daily Mail, and GQ.   

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