Casino Royale Armani Leather Jacket

Updated September 12th, 2016 – The Casino Royale Armani Leather Jacket, which featured prominently in the film’s Miami scenes, seems to be making a bit of comeback lately. Created by the famous fashion designer, with an original cost of about $4000.00, the jacket is a variation on a classic leather jacket style. And 10 years after the release of the movie it still looks stylish. You can learn more about the original Armani jacket (and the story behind it) at The Suits of James Bond and BAMF Style.

Clothing Manufacturers are the businesses that companies get in touch with if they are looking at replicating this item or items like these at a reasonable and affordable price. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a jacket that costs that much, which is why high street stores provide alternative options.

affordable casino royale armani leather jacket

Features Wanted for the Casino Royale Armani Leather Jacket
  • Dark brown leather jacket in soft lambskin, Nappa leather or sheep skin
  • Dark brown knitted drape collar
  • Four front patch pockets with box pleats and flaps with single snap closures, with the chest pockets positioned lower on the body.
  • Exposed front zipper
  • No knit ribbing at cuffs or hem

So to get this out of the way right at the start: the positioning of the chest pockets on the Armani is unique and almost impossible to find in an off-the-rack alternative. Additionally, most OTR options that use a knit collar also go with knit cuffs and hem. For those reasons, I’m beginning with …

The Replicas

As we’ve noted before, replicas can be tricky things. Since most replica manufacturers are relatively small businesses operating in a niche market, there are obvious concerns about the legitimacy of the manufacturer and the quality of the final product. If you do manage to find a suitable replica for the leather jacket, you might need to invest in a conditioner for your leather jacket. The best advice I can offer is to do your research, know your measurements, and go with companies that:

a) Have a solid reputation among fans.

b) Have high customer satisfaction ratings on ebay and Amazon.

c) Offer some type of guarantee on their products.

Then communicate with the manufacturer as much as possible before sending any money. If you still feel good after all of that, then, based on what’s currently available from more established brands, I believe a replica is definitely the way to go.

Replica Options

Magnoli Clothiers is one such manufacturer with a solid reputation. You can read this thread on AJB007 for more feedback on the company. Their Royale Leather Jacket ($385.00), although not perfect, has long been recognized as one of the better replicas on the market and good value for the money. Each jacket is custom made for the buyer. Plus you have your choice of lambskin or goatskin in variety of colors. Would you wear this product biking? If you would, make sure you consider the AGV K-3 SV, it’s a safe helmet to bike with and looks stylish too!

affordable casino royale armani leather jacket

Wested Leather Co. is another well known name in the replica market. Their ‘Casino Royale’ Style Leather Jacket retails for £169.00/$247.35. In general it seems it hasn’t been quite as well reviewed as Magnoli’s version. So you may want to check out this AJB007 thread for real world pics of Wested Leather’s version from forum member MrEddy21.

affordable casino royale armani leather jacket

Over on ebay, the Flesh & Hide Casino Royale Leather Jacket goes for $149.95. Flesh & Hide have a 100% positive feedback rating after 1972 reviews and offer a 14 day money back guarantee on their products. Those are all good signs that you’re dealing with a reputable company. But caution and lots of communication are still advised.

affordable casino royale armani leather jacket

The last replica I’ll feature is the SleekHides Royale Daniel Jacket for $229.90 plus $8.90 shipping on Amazon U.S. The jacket has no rating on Amazon, but to help with your research, you can check out SleekHides’ website and their up-to-date Facebook page. The company definitely looks legit. Although that doesn’t say much about the actual quality of their products.

affordable casino royale armani leather jacket

Other replicas can be found at (on sale for $179.00 with free shipping in the U.S. and a 30 day guarantee) and from Feather Skin for $180.53 on their website or £99.00 to £109.00 on Amazon UK.

Off the Rack Options Under $200

Now we’re back in our normal “close enough for horseshoes and hand grenades” wheelhouse.

Ind-sale Lamb Leather Jacket with 4 Pockets: $149.99/£84.99

affordable casino royale armani leather jacket

The Ind-sale Lamb Leather Jacket with 4 Pockets is selling on ebay for $149.99 or £84.99 on ebay UK. Black would probably be the best choice (the tan is too light), with the dark brown corduroy lined leather collar. Dual snap closures on all the flap pockets as well as the front zipper cover. So no, it doesn’t have the exposed zipper of the Armani. Oh yeah, it has side tab adjusters as well. But in terms of length and fit? Not too bad. As for the company: Ind-sale has been an ebay member since 2006 and is a top rated seller with a positive rating of 99.1% after 2546 reviews. And those stats are the only reason I’m including them here.

UK Leather Jackets Orenco Bomber Jacket: £149.99

affordable casino royale armani leather jacket

The UK Leather Jackets Orenco Bomber Jacket on sale for £149.99. The cuffs and hem are knit, and the collar is leather, lined with the same knit fabric. If you feel more comfortable ordering from Amazon, you can find it on the UK site for about £160.00.

Off the Rack Options Under $300
Radford Leather Fashions Bomber Jacket in Brown: on sale for £159.00 to £169.00

affordable casino royale armani leather jacket

Easily the closest OTR genuine leather jacket I found was the Radford Leather Fashions Bomber Jacket in brown, on sale on their website for £159.00 to £169.00. Knit cuffs and hem, with knit fabric lined leather collar. On the other hand, it keeps the short, simple design of the original, with the four flap closure pockets and the exposed front zipper. Also available at Amazon UK for £189.00 to £205.00.

Scully Four Pocket Leather Jacket: $260.00

affordable casino royale armani leather jacket

The Scully Four Pocket Leather Jacket goes for $260.00 on Amazon U.S. This one has more of a shirt collar in leather, and the two chest pockets are zip closure rather than the flap. It also has a knit hem at the back. Having said all that, according to most reviews Scully does make a decent leather jacket at a fair price. Items from them with multiple user reviews (i.e. more than 10) are normally rated 4 stars or higher. So even though it’s not the most screen accurate option, chances are good that you’d be getting reasonable value for the money. I think sizing down should be seriously considered to get a more screen accurate fit.

The Investment Piece
Massimo Dutti 4 Pocket Nappa Jacket: $395.00

massimo-dutti-4-pocket-nappa-jacket Massimo Dutti Leather Jacket 6 Massimo Dutti leather jacket 1

It’s not the most screen accurate. And $400 isn’t cheap. But if you like this style of leather jacket, the Massimo Dutti one is worth the investment. I’ve tried this one on in person and it is nice. Smooth, soft leather and nice finishing. Plus, I’ve had an MD leather jacket for a few years now, and it’s held up very well. Just one thing. That’s 5’9″, 175 lbs me (having some fun with Daniel Craig head sculpt from Toria Casarro and Modern Life) trying on a size large in-store. So yes, you do need to size up. Especially if you’re a little bigger in the shoulders.
Faux Leather

I usually try and avoid pleather/PU garments in these posts, but in this case the faux options come as close to matching the Armani as the genuine leather OTR options, at a much lower price. The two below are from Amazon U.S. and, honestly, both are virtually interchangeable: they have ribbed hems, epaulettes, and hoods that stow in the collar. So this will most likely come down to your brand preference.

Tommy Hilfiger Faux-Leather Bomber Jacket: $60.00 to $70.31

affordable casino royale armani leather jacket

If I had a gun to my head and had to choose, I’d probably go with this one, simply because the collar comes closer to the Armani original and it has 5 stars after 12 ratings.

Dockers Faux-Leather Four Pocket Bomber Jacket: $43.00 to $50.00

affordable casino royale armani leather jacket

With it’s shorter collar and 4.5 stars after two reviews, this would have to be my second choice.

As always, I’ll keep updating this post with new OTR options as the arise. Any comments about your experiences with one of the replica manufacturers are also welcome and, I’m sure, would be very appreciated by the community!

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