Die Another Day Perforated Venetian Loafers

I’m not going to lie. I’m not even going to pretend modesty. No, I’m going to be openly self promoting. I’ve been pretty excited to do this post because I “sort of” discovered these shoes. During his visit to the Cuba-based clinic in Die Another Day (DAD), Bond wears a dark tan linen suit and tan slip-ons. Here’s a picture of Bond wearing the shoes, looking like pretty much the coolest guy in the world:

affordable alternatives Die Another Day Perforated Venetian Loafers
Image sourced from Heritage Auctions.

Unfortunately, it seemed like no-one had discovered the exact brand, much less the exact model (at least not within the prominent Bond clothing memorabilia collecting community). That is where I stepped in (cue drumroll please).

I was looking for tan loafers for an AJB007 forum member, and I remembered that Brosnan wore some in DAD. So I started to put together the details of Bronan’s shoe choice. That’s when I realized that the usual purveyors of Bond clothing information only offered minimal color and broad style details, as the correct shoes had yet to be discovered. Now, being the Brosnan fan that I am, I couldn’t just dish out knowledge to my fellow AJBoo7 brother that he could just look up himself. Hence, I set out on a mission to find out more about these shoes!

The Search and the Discovery

I would like to say I searched far and wide for the answer, but I can’t take that much credit. Actually, it was through the first link of my first search that I stumbled upon their identity. I like to think that I had somehow paid my dues over the last few years of exploring every last nook and cranny of Bond’s casual clothing, and my reward was an easy find of monumental proportions (I did say I wasn’t going to pretend modesty).

It turns out that the brand Stemar made the shoes (so, technically I discovered a new Bond brand too) and were auctioned off at Heritage Auctions in 2014. Okay, I know what you are thinking. If the shoes were auctioned in 2014, then I didn’t really discover these shoes. Well, that’s true. But whoever was aware of these shoes since their use in DAD up until their sale in 2014 didn’t share their knowledge with the collecting community. So, I’m going to take credit for that until someone else comes forward with evidence to the contrary (please don’t take this away from me, I need this).

Okay, I’m done tooting my own horn… though I could get use to this. Let’s get into the details of these amazing and superbly discovered shoes (sorry, I couldn’t resist).

Features Wanted for the Die Another Day Perforated Venetian Loafers 
  • Venetian loafers
  • Perforated quarters
  • Apron toe
  • Plain vamp

For a great description of the complete outfit, head on over to The Suits of James Bond. But, of course, a picture is worth a thousand words. So here’s a pic of the screen used shoes, complete with Mr. Brosnan’s signature and a bit of his life philosophy:

affordable alternatives Die Another Day Perforated Venetian Loafers


Best Option for the Die Another Day Perforated Venetian Loafers
ALDO Ranum in Cognac: on sale for $55.00  

affordable alternatives Die Another Day Perforated Venetian Loafers
From one of the makers of the sold-out fan-favorite J.Crew Kenton alternatives (Editor: come back, we miss you!), we have the ALDO Ranum. While the color and sole may not be exact matches, the shoes do have have the plain vamp and perforated quarters we’re looking for.

Less Than $100
Kenneth Cole Matter of Fact Perforated Loafer in Cognac: on sale for $70.95 at Last Call

affordable alternatives Die Another Day Perforated Venetian Loafers
This option from Kenneth Cole has a similar color, the sole gets closer, and the quarters are perforated. But then they have to go and carry that over the vamp. Still looks like a decent and cool wearing shoe.


Steve Madden Cayenne in Tan Nubuck: $76.98 at Steve Madden

affordable alternatives Die Another Day Perforated Venetian Loafers

A great option from Steve Madden, the leather seems to be truly perforated, so they’re a solid choice for the summer. Also, the color and material are pretty close to the originals. But, again, more than just the quarters are perforated.


Steve Madden Vaporr Loafers in Tan Nubuck: $84.95 at Shoebuy

affordable alternatives Die Another Day Perforated Venetian Loafers
I personally went with these ones. I got them on sale for about half the price, and I really wouldn’t recommend them at full price. They felt a little clunky at first, but did get better with wear. Unfortunately,  an inner lining that stops airflow and reduces breathability, and the perforation carries from the quarters across the vamp.

Less Than $150
Florsheim Jasper Perf in Cognac: $110.00 at Florsheim

affordable alternatives Die Another Day Perforated Venetian Loafers

Like the Kenneth Cole and Steve Madden alternatives, these have the perforated quarters and vamp. They are also a full grain leather, unlike the softer suede/nubuck of the originals.


Anatomic & Co Buzios Loafer in Cognac: $150.00 at Nordstrom

affordable alternatives Die Another Day Perforated Venetian Loafers

Move the perforations from the quarters to the vamp and you get the “Buzio” loafers. The shoes are made with full grain leather and they have the more structured sole of the Stemars.


The Investment
The Stemar Lipari Driving Shoe: $455.00

affordable alternatives Die Another Day Perforated Venetian Loafers
From the manufacturer of the originals. These are clearly not the same model that Brosnan wore in DAD. The shoes are much more a casual/driving loafer than Brosnan’s, and they’re also not available in tan. But they do have a similar style and are definitely worth a look . Stemar also offers them in blue for those of you with flashier tastes.


Ways to Wear Them:

To be honest, you can wear the shoes with a variety of Brosnan outfits. I wear them with the the Brosnan White Linen Shirt outfit from DAD because we do not know what shoes he wears in that scene. So the perforated loafers are a very real possibility, and make more sense for the Cuban heat than the Chukkas he wears with his Floral Shirt earlier in the movie.

The obvious choice of outfit to wear them with is the DAD tan linen suit. For the brutal heat and humidity of Florida, I’ve modified it a bit:

I dropped the jacket and went with a navy short sleeve linen-cotton shirt from Uniqlo. The pants are a linen-cotton option from Banana Republic (almost sold out now). The shoes are, of course, the Steve Madden Vaporr Loafers worn with Sperry Signature Invisible Liner Socks. The watch is the Rotary Aquaspeed. And you can complete the look with a pair of Brosnan’s Sunglasses.

I’ll be adding new alternatives as I find them. If you have an option for the DAD perforated loafers that you like, please share in the comments below! And head over to Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram if you’d like to see more Bond!

Images used in this post were sourced from Heritage Auctions.

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