The Affordable James Bond Fall Wardrobe

Well, summer has almost left us and the days of linen are coming to an end. The good news? It’s time to take the fall clothing out of storage! That’s right, gentlemen: we’re getting real close to Barbour, sweaters and boots weather!

affordable james bond fall wardrobe
Admit it – you’ve been dying to wear this getup again as much as I have.

So what are some of the key pieces we need in our affordable James Bond fall wardrobe? Let’s take a look at seven options that will keep you warm, dry and looking suitably Bondian.


A Good Pair of Boots
Florsheim Kilbourn Wing Tip Boot: on sale for $89.90 

affordable james bond fall wardrobe

Not everything about autumn is great. We also get those cold, rainy days when the damp seems to seep into our bones. Which is why a good pair of boots that keep your feet dry are your best friend. The Florsheim Kilbourns have stayed as our “Best Affordable Option” for the Crockett & Jones Islays for a few months now. Still on sale for $89.90, still have a 4.8 out of 5 rating on the Florsheim site, and still lots of sizes left. Wear ’em with jeans, chinos, flannel trousers and cords. You can find more options for the Islays in this post.


A Good Jacket
Marks & Spencer Cotton Rich Harrington in Navy or Stone: £49.50/$73.00  

affordable james bond fall wardrobe affordable james bond fall wardrobe

Warm to hot days. Chillier nights. Perfect weather for a Harrington jacket. And once again, the Marks & Spencer alternative is great choice. The price has dropped a little on these. But the sizing is starting to thin out, especially on the navy. You can see more alternatives for the Quantum of Solace Harrington jacket in this post. If you prefer the beige G9 Steve McQueen look, you’ll find more alternatives here.


National Geographic Rugged Safari Travel Jacket: $189.00  

affordable james bond fall wardrobe

Look what NatGeo has brought us! And it’s not even Christmas yet! As we all know, a solid alternative for the Barbour X To Ki To at a reasonable price isn’t easy to find. This one is made from a water resistant (not waxed) cotton. The main complaint from customers on the NatGeo site seems to be about the color. Apparently it comes looking a little “newer” than the one in the product pic. So I expect you’ll need to beat it up a bit to get that worn in look. We shared other alternatives for the Barbour over here.


A Good Pair of Sunglasses
Persol PO3135S in Havana/Brown Polarlized Lens: $193.70 

affordable james bond fall wardrobe

Just because we’re entering the months that end in “er” doesn’t mean that bright, sunny days are going anywhere. Perfect excuse to buy some new lenses. These Persols were listed as an alternative to the model Pierce Brosnan wore in Goldeneye. But their classic style also captures some of that Connery vibe. More Brosnan Bond sunglasses options can be found here. And check out this post for more Connery Bond styles.


A Good Long Sleeve Polo
Cutter & Buck Long Sleeve Belfair Pima Polo in Black: $29.72 – $78.00 

affordable james bond fall wardrobe

The long sleeve blue polo from Bond wore in Venice is nice. But it doesn’t hurt to mix things up a bit. If you want that Connery in Thunderball – Craig in Casino Royale – Brosnan in … The Thomas Crown Affair look, then black is the way to go. The polo styling of the Belfair is casual enough to pair with jeans or chinos. But the smoother Pima cotton fabric and self collar give it some sophistication. You could even try it with some flannels and a tweed sport coat.


A Good Sweater
Woolovers Pure Wool Aran Sweater in Navy: $75.00/£45.00  

affordable james bond fall wardrobe

Bond’s worn a lot of sweaters throughout his films. You can review this post to get an idea of the variety. But one of my favorites is the navy aran/cable knit he wore in Goldeneye. It’s truly a classic style and worth a bit of an investment. The Woolovers option, while not top shelf quality, still offers good value for the money.


A Good Pair of Trousers
Roderick Charles Moleskin Trousers Lovat: £105.00  

affordable james bond fall wardrobe

Sure, you could just wear jeans and your alternatives for the Brunello Cucinelli SPECTRE chinos all fall. But this time of year is just right for moleskin. This cotton fabric has a short, soft nap which makes it very comfor …. Oh hell, I’ll just say it: they’re cozy. Like sitting by the fire in your leather chair with a glass of single malt while the rain lashes the windows cozy. These options from Roderick Charles are not cheap. But the do have frog mouth pockets, which are a favorite of Bond’s. Those are difficult to find on a non-polyester trouser.

Lands’ End Slim Fit Corduroy Jeans in Chocolate Ganache: on sale for $24.97 

affordable james bond fall wardrobe

And soon you’ll get to break out the corduroy! I’ll be updating our post on affordable alternatives for the All Saint Iggy Cords Bond wore in Skyfall soon. In the meantime, Lands’ End still has a good selection of sizes of their 14-wale cords in stock at a great price.


A Good Vest or Gilet
J.Crew Factory Walker Vest: on sale for $39.50  

affordable james bond fall wardrobe

Too warm for a jacket or sweater. Too cool for only shirt sleeves. Autumn can give us some crazy temperatures. A lightweight quilted vest or gilet, like the one Bond wore in For Your Eyes Only, is a nice compromise. We’ll have a post dedicated to vests coming up in the near future. Right now, the Walker vest is going for half off at J.Crew Factory.


Bonus Item: A Good Wool Sport Coat
T.M. Lewin Portobello Grey Herringbone Boiled Wool Jacket ($359.00/£179.00) or 
T.M. Lewin Argyle Grey Herringbone Jacket ($359.00/£179.00

affordable james bond fall wardrobe     affordable james bond fall wardrobe

Bond’s also worn more than a few odd jackets in the films (see our posts on Connery’s and Moore’s blazers for example). One of the more famous is his tweed hacking jacket from Goldfinger and Thunderball. But Lazenby, Moore and Dalton liked them some tweed as well.  The first step to successfully wearing a tweed sport coat is to get the image of the “stuffy old professor” out of your head. As we’ll see in some upcoming posts, it’s really a very versatile fabric. Get it in a more modern fit and you can really wear it with almost anything.

Any particular articles of Bond clothing your excited to start wearing this fall? Share them in the comments below!

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