SPECTRE Sanders and Sanders Playboy Chukkas

Updated March 16th, 2018: For the London finale of SPECTRE, Daniel Craig’s James Bond grabbed yet another pair of suede boots from his closet. This time they were the Sanders and Sanders Playboy chukkas in Snuff suede. He wore them with his Neil Barrett trousers, N.Peal mock turtleneck sweater and John Varvatos blue suede racer jacket.

affordable alternatives SPECTRE Sanders and Sanders Playboy Chukkas


And of course there’s the whole Steve McQueen connection to this style of boot. He favored the original Playboys from Hutton of Northampton and wore them in The BlobThe Thomas Crown Affair and, more famously, snuff suede ones in Bullitt. So one pair of boots, two style icons? Sounds like a good deal!

affordable alternatives SPECTRE Sanders and Sanders Playboy Chukkas


Features Wanted for the SPECTRE Sanders and Sanders Playboy Chukkas
  • Dark brown suede uppers
  • Two eyelet lacing
  • Thick crepe “bumper” sole in dark grey

Obviously, the truly distinguishing characteristic of the Playboys is their sole. The other interesting thing is just how many “Playboys” are out there. Basically, the boot’s bumper crepe sole was patented in 1936 by Hutton of Northhampton. They fought off imitators for decades until closing their doors in 1990. Hutton recently made a comeback under new ownership and are currently producing two new desert boots. But no Playboys.

And why is that? Well, during a period of financial difficulty in the 1970s, Hampton sold the patent for the crepe sole and trademark rights to a Swedish company. Sometime later, another company called “Playboy Footwear” bought the license and brand name from them. Playboy Footwear now has a broad range of shoes and boots. But the Original Playboy Chukkas are still front and center. However, you can’t buy them on their website. More on that below.

So who can use the “Playboy” name and the bumper crepe sole in the UK? It looks like almost anyone. Including Sanders and Sanders, who in all fairness have been producing this style of boot for decades. But also British Walkers and the Gothic Shoe Company. And we haven’t even gotten to George Cox Pop Boys yet ….

If this kind of background info interests you, then take a look at this thread on AJB007. For me, I think that’s enough history for now. On to the alternatives!


The Screen Accurate Option
Sanders & Sanders Playboy Chukka Boot in Chocolate Suede: £190.00/$220.00

affordable alternatives SPECTRE Sanders and Sanders Playboy Chukkas

Mason & Sons aren’t just limiting their Bond-connection to Sean Connery and Anthony Sinclair. They also carry a broad range of clothing from the recent films. Including the Sanders and Sanders Playboy Chukkas. Now, £185.00 isn’t cheap. But it ain’t bad compared to the pricing of some other screen accurate Bond clothing. Mason & Sons currently has UK sizes 6 to 12 in stock.


Under $100
Rocker British Style Brown Suede Chukkas: $69.99

Hmmm. No reviews on Amazon yet. But they claim the uppers are genuine suede. Could be a roll of the dice. Or it could be a decent boot for under seventy bucks. Sizes are getting low. And they do recommend ordering one size down from your normal size.


The Original British Walkers Playboy Chukka Boot in Brown Suede: $99.99

affordable alternatives SPECTRE Sanders and Sanders Playboy Chukkas

Another brand using “Original” and “Playboy” in the name. British Walkers seems to be making a real effort to tap into the street-wear crowd, if the photos on their site are anything to go by. If you’re buying directly from them, just note that sizes are limited. But Amazon U.S. still has a decent selection left, with most going for the full $99.99.


Under $200
The Gothic Shoe Company Chukka Playboy Boots in Brown Suede: £79.99

affordable alternatives SPECTRE Sanders and Sanders Playboy Chukkas

I’d never heard of this company before. Apparently, they handcraft their boots in their East London factory and seem to specialize in winklepickers. But they also have a good three eyelet Playboy model. And it’s made in the UK? At that price? That’s impressive.


Fred Perry Hawley Mid Suede Chukka in Dark Chocolate: $110.61 to $223.12/£61.61 to £116.04

A new three-eyelet option from iconic British brand Fred Perry. The main differentiator with these is the “Crepe-effect” sole. Apparently the outsole looks like crepe, but they’re using a lightweight injected footbed. Not sure what that means. Amazon has U.S. sizes 7 to 13 in stock. And most sizes are running around $125.00.


The Investments
Herring Shoes Mustang Desert Boot in Snuff Suede£190.00/$206.00

affordable alternatives SPECTRE Sanders and Sanders Playboy Chukkas

Handmade in Northhamptonshire, with a full leather lining and natural crepe sole. And they’ve almost managed to make a bumper sole look sleek. But the size selection is getting a little thin. If you’re looking to invest in this style, and have problems with the fit (or possible durability) of the Sanders and Sanders, this is your best choice. Update: There have been some reports from customers that the Herring Mustang is a re-branded Sanders & Sanders boot. I’m looking into this.


George Cox Pop Boy Brown Suede Chukka: £215.00

Some shoe makers leverage their heritage, tracing their history back a hundred years or more to establish their credentials. George Cox is also over a hundred years old. But its modern history really started in 1970s London. That’s when Cox became the shoe maker for the city’s exploding punk rock scene. Today, they boast of collaborations with streetwear brands such as A Bathing Ape, Yohji Yamamoto and Comme des Garçons. So their Pop Boy, while an iconic style, is a relatively sedate model for them. All sizes are available on the George Cox website.


The Original Playboy Chukka in Brown Suede or Cognac Suede: €229.00/$263.35

Remember that story in this post’s intro about Playboy Footwear? And how you couldn’t buy those boots from their website? Well, AJB007 forum member welshboy78 found a dealer that is a little more flexible. However, they are running very low on sizes. And what’s so great about these? Playboy Footwear states that the boots suede uppers are hand lasted to natural rubber crepe soles. The jury is still out on whether these are actually a Goodyear welt construction like the original “Originals”.


Have some suggestions for alternatives for the Bond’s SPECTRE chukkas? Leave them in the comments! I’ll continue to update this post as new options appear.

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8 thoughts on “SPECTRE Sanders and Sanders Playboy Chukkas

  • September 7, 2017 at 10:22 pm

    Has anyone tried the Herrings ? They look to be on the same level of quality as the Sanders … but do the Herrings have issues with a fast wearing sole … or the rubber bumpers coming away from the suede uppers ?

  • August 10, 2017 at 4:18 pm

    Re: The British Walkers version – watch out for the ruddy great big embossed logo and the side of the heel. Way to ruin a perfectly good boot.

  • June 27, 2017 at 3:12 pm

    I have to agree with the comments about Sanders and Sanders. The soles are very soft and wear down much too quickly. I won’t be buying them again.

  • April 10, 2017 at 2:20 am

    Never understood this choice of footwear for an urban action sequence in a film. Surely the crepe sole is wholly inappropriate for hard surfaces, why did he not choose a Dainite sole chukka in suede instead? I have the Herring Shoes Gosforth chukka in black, FYI some of Herring’s models are made for them by Loake, this one included. I bought them as an alternative to the black chukkas worn in the pre-title sequence of Skyfall.

  • February 10, 2017 at 2:58 pm

    I’ve the same problem as Lewis with my sanders, the rubber “bumper” is starting to come apart, although mine are closer to 18 months old, but still disappointing considering my Ryders are still going strong after quite a few years

    I’ve also got the delicious junction Chukkas (Which is actually what the king of cool are selling as the Bullit Chukka), while the uppers are not the same quality as the Sanders, the rubber is pretty solid and doesn’t have the issues with that the considerably softer Sanders rubber does

    • February 10, 2017 at 3:06 pm

      Thanks for the feedback Matt! When I update this post, I’ll make sure I include your comments.

  • October 18, 2016 at 12:14 pm

    Got the original Sanders in snuff brown. Pretty comfortable, but after six months they already show loose rubbers, coming off the suede. A little disappointing considering the high price…


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