The James Bond Skyfall Adidas Gazelle 2

Early on in Skyfall, Daniel Craig wears the Adidas Gazelle II model G44123, in Dark Indigo with Argentina Blue stripes, during his physical and psychological testing upon his return to MI6.

affordable alternatives Skyfall Adidas Gazelle 2

The shoe is easily one of the most affordable screen accurate items available, perhaps apart from the Sunspel and Orlebar Brown merchandise. Unfortunately, the shoe is very hard to find now. However, every now and again, as they did earlier in April, pairs pop up on eBay, and some have been known to be offered for sale on AJB007.

affordable alternatives Skyfall Adidas Gazelle 2


If you can’t wait and need some navy Gazelles, there’s really only one option that gets super close; every other option sacrifices something, whether it’s the sole style, color scheme, or branding. Fortunately, for those who are willing to sacrifice one of these features, there are several options for you.


Features Wanted for the Skyfall Adidas Gazelle 2
  • Adidas branding (this makes it easier to obtain a similar style to the Skyfall Gazelles)
  • Navy\dark blue body
  • Light\baby blue stripes\sides
  • White Soles


Best Option for the Skyfall Adidas Gazelle 2
Adidas Topanga S75500: on sale for $105.66

affordable alternatives Skyfall Adidas Gazelle 2

The shoe is pretty much a copy of the Gazelles, except for the Topanga writing above the stripes, and the lack of the Adidas Trefoil logo on the back. This shoe has been mentioned several times on this blog as being on sale at, but the shoe has sold out on their site.

Unfortunately, it’s a bit hard to find a good size. Different European sites have different sizes. German seller outlet46 seems to have plenty of stock in most sizes, as does their website.

If anybody would like help in finding this (or any other model) of shoe, please post in the comments or on the AJB007 boards!


Under $100
Adidas Gazelle II in Colegiate Navy BB5478: on sale for $56.00

affordable alternatives Skyfall Adidas Gazelle 2

Of course, it goes without saying that if you want a good Gazelle 2 alternate, you can try a different color Gazelle 2. The Gazelle 2 in Collegiate Navy, model number BB5478, is pretty close. Unfortunately, it does not feature the light blue colored stripes. The Gazelles that can be widely found online and in stores are typically single color with white stripes and heels.

Sizes 8-12.5 are available at And it seems it shouldn’t be hard to find larger or smaller sizes on eBay, by Googling, or once again, simply posting a desired size and model on AJB007.


Adidas Spezial in Dark Navy/Argentina Blue 034988£64.95

affordable alternatives Skyfall Adidas Gazelle 2

Model number 034988 is essentially the same colors as the Skyfall Gazelles but with a nice dark gum sole. Sizes range from US 3.5 to 13 on Adidas UK website.


Adidas Samoa Vintage F37211: $71.88

affordable alternatives Skyfall Adidas Gazelle 2

As you can see, this style is very similar to the Skyfall Gazelles. The big difference is the soles. They’re light blue like the stripes, as opposed to white as on the original Gazelles.


Adidas Jeans Trainers in Night Navy: on sale for $80.00

affordable alternatives Skyfall Adidas Gazelle 2

The Adidas Jeans in Night Navy, model number S79997, have a very similar style to the Gazelles. With the obvious exception of the gum soles. The Adidas website further states that the Jeans shoe line contains a Gore-tex lining, making the shoe totally waterproof. The colors are a bit stronger, and the sole isn’t like the Gazelle in material or style. But if you’re looking for an interesting, eye-catching pair of sneakers and (once again) don’t mind gum soles, sneakersnstuff has sizes US 7 to 12.5 on sale for $80.


Under $200
Adidas Originals x Spezial Hochelaga Navy S74863: £129.90/$165.00

affordable alternatives Skyfall Adidas Gazelle 2

Another eye-popping, even more neon equivalent of the Gazelles with gum soles. They seem to be a very limited run, so pricing is a bit higher than one would expect. You may be able to find certain sizes cheaper on other sites. But Ebay seller vintagehape has U.S. sizes 7.5 to 12.5 in stock.


In case I haven’t said it enough times, if anybody needs any help locating a model or size number, or wants to recommend another pair of shoes, please post below in the comments or on AJB007! Someone will be more than happy to help.

Thank you all very much! I hope you enjoyed the article. And I hope it opened your mind up to some new styles and potential outfits. Wishing you all the best and a great holiday season!

Images used in this post were sourced from James Bond Lifestyle and AJB007.


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