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With the holiday seasons on its way, many of us will be doing some kind of travelling this month. And whether you’re going by plane, train or automobile (love that movie!), stuffing your stuff into some stylish luggage also helps make the trip more bearable. We’ve already looked at affordable alternatives for Bond’s Brunello Cucinelli Leather Travel Bag from SPECTRE. This time we’ve enlisted the help of popular Instagrammer What’s Daniel Wearing (@whatsdanielwearing) to identify some key Daniel Craig bags and luggage to help us on our way to wherever we’re going!


Messenger Bags
The Belstaff 554 Colonial Messenger Bag

affordable alternatives Daniel Craig Bags  affordable alternatives Daniel Craig Bags

We’ve done a whole post dedicated to this bag (you can read it here). But unfortunately the budget option I suggested is not longer available. So it’s about time for a quick revisit. We’ve known the 554 is a favorite of Mr. Craig’s for a while now and originally retailed for about $500. Sadly, this exact model is no longer available. But Belstaff have released a new version …


The Alternatives
Belstaff Colonial Messenger Bag in Sand: $595.00

affordable alternatives Daniel Craig Bags

It’s a lighter color. And it has the leather top handle and leather patch anchoring the strap retainers. But it is a Belstaff. And it’s just shy of $600. “Affordable” is not really a word I’d associate with this bag. Which brings us to ….


GEARONIC Vintage Canvas and Leather Messenger Bag in Khaki: $27.99

affordable alternatives Daniel Craig Bags

That’s more our pace around here! In the other post on the Belstaff 554, I was pretty upfront about my conclusion that there is absolutely no difference between 99% of these budget bags you find on Ebay or Amazon, aside from the name on the pocket. Some will cost you $35. Some will cost you $80. But they’re all pretty identical. So why the GEARONIC? Because the color comes close to Craig’s 554, it’s under $30, it ships with Amazon Prime, and it has 4.5 stars after 125 reviews.


Manhattan Portage Navy Waxed Canvas Messenger Bag: $145.00/£125.00

affordable alternatives Daniel Craig Bags affordable alternatives Daniel Craig Bags

Another of Mr. Craig’s favorite messenger bags, but a very different style to the 554. Manhattan Portage is a pretty cool company. Started in 1983, their designs are clean and practical, focusing on quality materials and construction over flash. They also fully embrace their New York City roots. So, what about the bag itself?

First the details. The bag measures 11.5″ at the bottom to 15″ at the top by 11.5″ high by 7″ deep. It’s made from Martexin Original Waxed canvas and comes with a two year limited warranty.  The navy color is also completely sold out on their U.S. website. However, Amazon U.S. still has two left in stock, so if you want one grab it now. After those are gone, you may have to turn to Ebay. UK based Ebay seller kjbeckett_store will ship the bag to the U.S. for $176.95 plus $7.95 shipping.  And if you actually live in the UK? Then just go to the Manhattan Portage UK site. They still have the waxed canvas bag in navy for £125.00. I hope I made all that clear enough.


The Alternative
Manhattan Portage Cordura NY Messenger Bag in Navy: $75.00

affordable alternatives Daniel Craig Bags

Might as well get one from the original brand! The NY Messenger Bag is made from 1000D Cordura nylon instead of waxed cotton. But the designs are very similar. You can pick one up on the Manhattan Portage website for $95.00 or £90.00. But Amazon U.S. has them on sale for $75.00 plus $7.45 shipping. Again, there are only two left in stock. So act fast if you want one.


Frost River Medium Flight Bag: $200.00

affordable alternatives Daniel Craig Bags  affordable alternatives Daniel Craig Bags

affordable alternatives Daniel Craig Bags

I’ll come right out and say it: I like Frost River. I like that they make their products by hand in Duluth, Minnesota. I like their commitment to the environment. And, yes: I like their slightly over-earnest, “this is the way our forefathers made ’em” attitude. Because all those things combined help to create some truly beautiful, practical and bombproof pieces of luggage. From my personal experience with one of their products (a canoe pack), I can tell you that their products definitely walk the company’s talk. I don’t often say, “just buy the original” on this site. But honestly, $200 is not that much for something that will last a lifetime. It’s worth saving up for.


The Alternative
Toupons Canvas Travel Duffle in Coffee: $42.99


affordable alternatives Daniel Craig Bags

But lets say you’re not in the market for an heirloom duffle bag. Check out this one from Toupons. I’m hesitant to call it an “alternative” for the Frost River, simply because it’s not built to serve the same function. In fact, like the budget options for the Belstaff 554, there are many brands on Amazon and Ebay selling this exact same bag. Which means it’s probably mass produced in Asia and FBA companies just stick their own tag on it. It’s made from 16oz canvas (good) and PU leather (not so good). Most of the feedback on Amazon for the Toupon version comes from people who got the bag for free in exchange for an “honest review”. But the same bag under different brand names consistently gets 4.5 to 5 stars after hundreds of reviews. So that’s saying something. Long story short: if you’re on a budget, want that rustic look, and don’t plan on abusing it, this one should do the job.


Globe-Trotter Centenary 21″ Trolley Case in Black£1,095.00

affordable alternatives Daniel Craig Bags  affordable alternatives Daniel Craig Bagsaffordable alternatives Daniel Craig Bags

WOW! There’re suitcases. Then there are QE2/Orient Express worthy suitcases. Globe-Trotter’s Centenary Trolley Case is handcrafted in Hertfordshire, England from “Vulcan Fibre” using 113 year Victorian-era machinery. Add in the leather corner protectors and brass hardware and you have a piece of luggage that essentially defines “iconic” and should just get better with age.


The Alternative
MOIERG Medium Vintage Trolley Suitcase in Black: $218.00

affordable alternatives Daniel Craig Bags

It’s not exactly cheap. But it’s also not $1400. And it definitely has the same “old world” vibe as the Globe-Trotter. The reviews on Amazon are very positive, with most praising the case’s looks, surprisingly strong construction and attention to detail. And the ratings for other MOIERG cases are pretty similar. The one consistent complaint is about the size, with most saying the cases are smaller than stated in the product description. But not many problems with quality. Could be a winner!

Have some affordable suggestions for Daniel Craig inspired luggage? Share them in the comments below! And a special “Thank You” to @whatsdanielwearing for identifying the pieces and letting us raid his Instagram account for pics!

Other images sourced from Just Jared, AJB007 and Huf Magazine

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    Alternative for the globetrotter suitcase here, from one of my favourite stores
    Not very budget. But quality and will last a lifetime.

    • April 14, 2017 at 7:39 am

      That is one nice piece of luggage!

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    Could you please do a post about all of Daniel’s flat caps he’s worn and good alternatives to them? That would be amazing! Love this site!


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