Canada Goose Lodge Hoody in Spirit Blue

I have to admit, I’m still astounded at the way the popularity of a piece of clothing can skyrocket just because Daniel Craig wore it a couple of times. In this case, the item is the Canada Goose Lodge Hoody in Spirit Blue. Mr. Craig wore this incredibly warm piece of outerwear for the SPECTRE photo call in Sölden, Austria back in January, 2015. He’s also been spotted wearing the jacket on his down time (no pun intended).

affordable alternatives Canada Goose Lodge Hoody Spirit Blueaffordable alternatives Canada Goose Lodge Hoody Spirit Blue


Canada Goose has a new version, called the PBI Lodge Hoody, available in a new color called “PBI Blue” for $600.00. This jacket is part of their Polar Bear International program, which seeks to preserve polar bear habitats and the species. Canada Goose donates $25 to the program for every jacket sold from their PBI collection.

affordable alternatives Canada Goose Lodge Hoody Spirit Blue
The Canada Goose PBI Lodge Hoody in PBI Blue,

However, the original Spirit Blue is long gone. Unless you can find one in your size on ebay. And this seems a good time to warn about counterfeits. Seriously, next to maybe Moncler, there are more fake Canada Goose products floating around than you’d imagine. And some of them are really good fakes. Like, really good! So before you get too excited about finding your “grail jacket” for $150, check with the Canada Goose Counterfeit center. Just FYI, a typical give away is the quality of the stitching of Maple leaves on the cookie badge.


Features wanted for the Daniel Craig Canada Goose Lodge Hoody
  • Muted mid-blue nylon outer shell material
  • Attached tunnel hood
  • Wider baffles
  • Zippered chest pocket
  • Tonal blue zippers

This made-in-Canada puffer has two unique characteristics. First is the color. We can get pretty close to that smoky royal blue with some of the alternatives. Second is the construction. When you look closely at the jacket, you’ll see that the baffles (the tubes into which the down fill is packed) are not sewn through. In other words, there doesn’t look to be any exposed, horizontal stitching on the outer shell.

affordable alternatives Canada Goose Lodge Hoody Spirit Blue
The Canadian Goose Lodge Hoody on the left and the Outdoor Research Transcendent Jacket on the right. Note the smoother finish of the shell of Lodge Hoody versus the horizontal stitching the Transcendent.


A little bit about down jacket construction …

Canada Goose’s particular baffle construction is difficult to match. But it does serve a useful function. Puffer jackets keep you warm because of the loft created by the down. Air is trapped by the down and heated by your body, surrounding your torso in a layer of warmth. When you stitch through a jacket to create the baffles, you create lines where there is no loft. Which means no air is trapped. Which creates cold spots.

affordable alternatives Canada Goose Lodge Hoody Spirit Blue
This heat sensing image from Outdoor Gear Lab clearly shows how heat escapes along the seams of a sewn through baffle construction.

A sewn through construction is not all bad. It tends to make jackets more compressible, so they pack to a small size. It’s also a less expensive construction method. And that helps keep costs down. But, obviously, Canada Goose uses a different method. I can’t seem to find any information on exactly what that method is, but my guess is it’s some type of modified box wall baffle system. But instead of stitching the baffle “walls” to the outer shell and inner lining, they’re welded or bonded into place. And that eliminates those stitch lines we see on almost all the alternatives and would create the smoother finish.

affordable alternatives Canada Goose Lodge Hoody Spirit Blue
This graphic from Feathered Friends shows the two common down jacket construction methods. In the “Baffled Box” method, shelves or “walls” of fabric are stitched or welded in place between the outer shell and inner liner to create the baffle tubes. This method creates a more consistent loft throughout the jacket, eliminating cold spots and keeping you warmer.

Now, if you’re just looking for a casual jacket that captures the looks of the Lodge Hoody, then one of the lower-cost, sewn through construction alternatives below will do the trick. But I’ve also listed some higher-end options from well-respected outerwear brands that use a baffled box construction. Just in case you’re planning on hanging out on a frigid Austrian mountain with Dave Bautista.


And a little bit about Down Fill Power

Another factor to consider when buying a down jacket is something called “Down Fill Power”. That’s usually the number you see in product descriptions that rates the loft of the insulation used (600 fill, 700 fill, 800 fill). It’s often a misunderstood number. And there are other factors to consider when determining the warmth of a jacket (such as the amount of down used, the ratio of down to feathers, and the warmth to weight ratio). But, generally speaking, the higher the down fill power number, the better. You can learn more about the importance of down fill power in this article from Web Togs.

Alright, enough technical stuff. Onto the alternatives!


Best Options for the Daniel Craig Canada Goose Lodge Hoody
Next Down Filled Hooded Jacket in Cobalt: £60.00

affordable alternatives Canada Goose Lodge Hoody Spirit Blue

For those of you looking for a more casual jacket. Next has used a 90% duck down, 10% duck feather fill, which is pretty impressive. However, no word on the fill power or the amount of down used. It also appears to be a basic sewn through construction. Is it missing some of the design details we want? Sure. But that shell color is a good match. It will give you the look you want at a decent price. Next has sizes XS to XXL in stock.


Mountain Hardwear Phantom Hooded Down Jacket in Nightfall Blue: on sale for $259.97

affordable alternatives Canada Goose Lodge Hoody Spirit Blue


And now the option for those of you who want a more technical piece. Water-resistant outer shell, 850 fill down insulation treated with Mountain Hardwear’s proprietary hydrophobic Q.Shield coating, box baffle construction. It’s got it all. And we haven’t even gotten to the ways in which the design details align with the Lodge Hoody. The Phantom is on sale at But size options are getting low.


Under $100
WEATHERPROOF Hooded Packable Down Jacket in Twilight Melange: on sale for $39.99

affordable alternatives Canada Goose Lodge Hoody Spirit Blue

A lightweight, non-technical jacket available at Century21. They’ve used a 90% down, 10% feathers insulation. But no doubt they’ve also gone with a low volume fill and a sewn through construction. Still a solid option for those of you on a strict budget. Century21 has sizes small to large available on their website.


Under $200
Columbia Voodoo Falls 590 Turbo Down Hooded Jacket in Phoenix Blue: on sale for $106.73

affordable alternatives Canada Goose Lodge Hoody Spirit Blue

That Phoenix Blue color leans a little too close to the teal to be ideal. However, the technical features are strong for a jacket at this price point. 550 fill insulation that’s 80% down, 20% feathers. And they’ve used their proprietary Omni-Heat™ Thermal Reflective technology. Apparently this helps reflect your body heat back at you. REI has this on sale and sizes large to XXL are available.


Colmar Light Down Jacket in Mid Blue: on sale for €145.39

affordable alternatives Canada Goose Lodge Hoody Spirit Blue

I can’t find much technical info on this piece. They’ve used a 90% down, 10% feather insulation. And the shell is polyester. But nothing about fill power or volume used. The Italist website has this Mid-Blue/Denim color and Italian sizes 48, 50, 54 and 56 are in stock.


Under $300
Michael Kors Men’s Down Jacket in Pacific Blue: $225.00

affordable alternatives Canada Goose Lodge Hoody Spirit Blue

Okay, I’m listing price for this one at the MSRP of $225. BUT you always need to wait for one of those Macy’s sales their constantly running. For example, as I write this, the price is actually $112.50 and you can get an extra 20% of with the code BIG. With regards to the jacket, we probably want something a little brighter blue than that “Pacific Blue” they’re offering. However, Michael Kors has used a 90% down, 10% feathers insulation. And the overall looks aren’t a bad match. Plus Macy’s has tons of sizes available. Worth it at full price? Not a chance. But get it at a good sale price and it will do the job nicely.


Patagonia Down Sweater Hoody in Viking Blue: $279.00/£200.00


affordable alternatives Canada Goose Lodge Hoody Spirit Blue

Patagonia is one of those companies that creates true, field tested technical garments. And it really invests in protecting the environment. Take as an example their Down Sweater Hoody. They’ve used a recycled polyester shell and treated it with their Durable Water Repellent finish. The insulation is 800-fill-power down that’s traceable back to the source farm to ensure the geese were not treated inhumanely. And they’ve designed the jacket with some very well-thought-out features, such as the single-pull adjustable hood. All in all, this is a very worthy alternative to the Lodge Hoody.


Have some alternatives for the Canada Goose Lodge Hoody in Spirit Blue you’d like to share? Or some feedback on the options we’ve listed? That’s what the comments are for! And you can always check out our Facebook page, Instagram account and Pinterest Boards for more James Bond style advice and inspiration!

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