The Daniel Craig Steve McQueen Navy Rollneck Sweater

I’m a big fan of rollneck (or turtleneck) sweaters. Got more than a few in my closet. And I’ve been meaning to write a post about affordable alternatives for one of my “grails” for a while now. That would be the 100% cashmere Gieves & Hawkes navy rollneck sweater that Daniel Craig wore for a photoshoot with acclaimed photographer and director John Rankin Waddell. Shout out to that great Instagram account @whatsdanielwearing for the background story on the photos!

affordable alternatives Steve McQueen navy rollneck sweater
Daniel Craig showing off the roll neck of the Gieves & Hawkes sweater. Image sourced from Rankin.

The original sweater retailed for around £795.00. Not exactly budget. And, needless to say, it’s unavailable now. Yet still I want one ….


The McQueen Connection?

The Gieves & Hawkes is definitely a heavier gauge knit. But if we pick the right sweater we can also score an essential component of Steve McQueen’s classic look from Bullit! Here’s the King of Cool wearing his with the Hutton’s Original Playboy suede desert boots. These are very similar to the Sanders & Sanders’ Playboy Chukkas Craig’s Bond wore in SPECTRE. We’ve got some affordable alternatives for the boots in this post.

affordable alternatives Steve McQueen navy rollneck sweater


And for a detailed analysis of Frank Bullit’s look from the film (yes, including the Mustang!), check out BAMFStyle’s excellent article.


Features wanted for the Daniel Craig Steve McQueen Navy Rollneck Sweater
  • Navy cashmere or wool yarn
  • Medium to thick knit (this does NOT look like a thin sweater)
  • Wider ribbing at the cuffs and hems
  • Shorter rollneck, so when it’s doubled it sits below the chin


Best Option for the Daniel Craig Steve McQueen Navy Rollneck Sweater
Woolovers Navy Cashmere and Merino Wool Turtleneck Sweater: $68.00/£50.00

affordable alternatives Steve McQueen navy rollneck sweater

A blend of 80% Merino wool/20% cashmere, this sweater from Woolovers checks most of the “want list” at a reasonable price. It won’t be as thick as the Gieves & Hawkes rollneck. And the ribbing on the hem and cuffs is a little more refined. But it’s also about £850.00 less expensive. Reviews note that the sweater fits a little longer and looser in the waist. So maybe consider sizing down to get the more fitted look?

If you’re looking for something at a slightly lower price, check out their Lambswool Turtleneck Sweater for $54.00/£40.00. And if you want to step up in price, their Pure Cashmere Turtleneck for $124.00/£90.00 should do the trick.


Under $100
Rocorose Essential Turtleneck Sweater in Blue: $22.99 to $34.99

affordable alternatives Steve McQueen navy rollneck sweater

A heavier gauge knit. Good, thick ribbing on the cuffs and hem. Great price. What’s not to like? Well, the material is a viscose, nylon, polyester blend. That will turn some of you off, I have no doubt. However, it’s worth noting that the sweater does have 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon after 18 reviews. And most of the buyers comment on the softness of the material. Something to think about if you’re on a very strict budget.


Austin Reed Navy Merino Roll Neck Jumper: on sale for £35.00

affordable alternatives Steve McQueen navy rollneck sweater

A solid, 100% Merino wool option from “back-from-the-dead” retailer Austin Reed. And at a great sale price! I have a sneaky suspicion this sweater is going to be a looser fit. So, again, you may want to consider sizing down. Sizes small to XXL are in stock on their website.


Under $200
Motolegends Submariner Rollneck Sweater: £89.99 

affordable alternatives Steve McQueen navy rollneck sweater

I was this close to making this the best option for the Gieves & Hawkes sweater. But, honestly, the cost of shipping to the U.S. stopped me. That’ll set ya back an additional $27. But if you’re in the UK (£10 shipping)? Or don’t mind the extra charge? Then I say go for it. The sweater’s made from English wool in the UK by a family owned knitwear company. Motolegends has also designed it to have the shorter roll neck and heavy rib-knit cuffs and hem. So it’s a great match! They have sizes small to XXL in stock on their site.


Shephe Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater: $139.00

affordable alternatives Steve McQueen navy rollneck sweater

Looking for the slightly more refined, McQueen-style sweater? In 100% cashmere? At a good price? Then this could do the job. It’s made from 2-ply cashmere. And the fit is a little more generous. So going down a size for a more fitted look may be the right move. Now, there’s a bit of trick to this sweater. It’s sold on Amazon under the name “Shephe”. But it is actually produced by a company called Cashmere Heartland. If you go to their website, you’ll see the exact same sweater on sale for $129.00. Cashmere Heartland seems like it’s on the up-and-up and the customer reviews constantly mention great service. So I wouldn’t be too worried about ordering direct from them.


John Smedley Cherwell Navy Merino Wool Jumper: £145.00/$209.65

affordable alternatives Steve McQueen navy rollneck sweater

A simple, classy option from a Royal Warrant holding and Bond approved brand. As most of you know, John Smedley made the black v-neck sweater Craig’s Bond wore in Shanghai in Skyfall. They’ve used a 30 gauge, extra-fine merino wool for this sweater. The links go to Harvey Nichols. They have the sweater priced at about $30 less than on the John Smedley site. And, yes, I know I went over the $200 limit by $9.65 ….


The Investment Piece
North Sea Clothing Navy Submariner Sweater: £170.00

affordable alternatives Steve McQueen navy rollneck sweater

This probably won’t work if you’re more interested in the Bullit turtleneck. But if you want that Gieves & Hawkes look? Then heavy knit and the thicker ribbing on the longer hem and cuffs will give you what you want. Made in England from 100% British wool, North Sea Clothing has designed the sweater to replicate those giving to Royal Navy sailors during World Wars I and II. Unfortunately, size medium appears to be sold out. But the other sizes are in stock. This was originally recommended by AJB007 forum member k5211 in this thread.


Do you have some suggestions for the Daniel Craig Steve McQueen navy rollneck sweater? Let us know about them in the comments! And check out our Facebook page, Instagram account and Pinterest Boards for more James Bond style advice and inspiration!

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