The Bond 25 Omega Watch

Alright, this is a quick and dirty post on the Bond 25 Omega watch. Be warned that I plan on updating it as soon as more info becomes available. First, I have to give a big shout out to James Bond Lifestyle. Their article on the Jamaica filming was the first time I’d seen any pics of the Bond 25 Omega in which I could make out some details.

The photo collage from James Bond Lifestyle showing the Bond 25 Omega.
The Bond 25 Omega

We’ve already taken a deep dive into the Craig-Bond Omegas from the earlier films here and here. So, what are we looking at now? It seems that the new Omega will be part of the Seamaster Professional Diver 300M Collection. Which makes sense, considering Omega recently launched the limited edition Seamaster Commander’s Watch, which was inspired by Bond’s service in the British Royal Navy. Obviously, they’re eager to get the Diver style back in the limelight.

Bond 25 Omega
On the left: the mystery Bond 25 Omega. On the right, a current Seamaster Diver 300M.

The Bond 25 Omega shares almost all of the Seamaster Diver characteristics. We have the combination baton and dot indices, the skeleton sword hands, no date window, and the release valve at 10 o’clock. The main characteristic that sets it apart is the coloring. It could very well just be the photo, but I’d swear the numerals on the bezel and the face markings have an orange/bronze tint to them. Unfortunately, the photo is too blurry to make out if the Bond 25 watch has the guilloche wave-pattern.

The other new feature is the watch band. Again, it’s very difficult to tell from the photo, but it looks to be rubber Edit: it’s definitely a Milanese mesh! Sorry for missing that one folks! Here’s a clearer photo of the watch and band. Plus cocktail cuffs!

And I’m sure Omega would love to do for OEM Milanese mesh bands what they did for their NATO! I’ll share an option for the strap at the end of this post since you’ll almost certainly need to buy one in the right style. Those looking for custom rolex straps for their watches may want to check out the products available from Horus.

Best Option for the Bond 25 Omega Watch
Phoibos Eagle Ray PY017C Automatic: on sale for $323.10

Bond 25 Omega affordable alternatives

I hadn’t heard of Phoibos watches until I started trying to find options for this post. Not a shock since the company was only started in 2016. Aside from matching some of the key style characteristics of the Bond 25 Omega, the Eagle Ray actually sounds like a pretty decent watch. Made in Hong Kong, it has a 41mm 316L stainless steel case, 120 click uni-directional bezel, screw down crown and sapphire crystal. Phoibos has gone with the well-known Miyota 9015 automatic movement. And the watch has a water resistant rating of 300M and comes with a 2 year warranty. You can read a pretty honest review of the Eagle Ray on Watch Report.

Under $500
Invicta 27629 Pro Diver 42mm Automatic in Gunmetal: on sale for $65.92

Bond 25 Omega affordable alternatives

We all know Invicta. The brand’s ubiquitous and makes an okay watch that third parties discount well below the MSRP. The 42mm 27629 isn’t really any different from the other hundreds of models out there. But it captures some of the new Omega’s style details, specifically the coloring on the bezel and face markings. The negatives include the case being all black, that Rolex-ish Mercedes hour hand, the big date window and the gold crown. However, the watch is also on sale for under seventy bucks.

Parnis Submarine 08: on sale for $144.49

Bond 25 Omega affordable alternatives

Let’s get the bad out of the way first. Like the Invicta, Parnis has gone with the Mercedes style hour hand and added the date window. There’s also some question about the overall build quality of their watches. As for positives, the coloring and combination of baton and dot indices are a good match. They’ve also used the 21 jewel Miyota automatic movement, a 40mm 316L stainless steel case, ceramic bezel and sapphire crystal. And it comes with a two year warranty. Honestly, if they hadn’t used those dang Rolex hands, I would have risked making this one the “Best Option”, especially considering the price. If you want to find high quality alternatives to these watches, you will certainly find something to your liking over at the Berry’s Jewellers website.

Proxima Sixty-Five Automatic: $219.00

Bond 25 Omega affordable alternatives

Another bargain that’s using a Japanese automatic movement. This time it’s the Seiko 24 jewel NH35. Other than that, and the high doom sapphire crystal, the other specs are pretty comparable to the Parnis. But the color scheme and style details aren’t bad matches for the Bond 25 watch.

Seiko SRP775K1 Prospex: on sale for $296.86/£232.80

Bond 25 Omega affordable alternatives

With it’s cushion-style case and thicker indices and hands, this watch probably looks the least like the Bond 25 Omega. But I’m including it because it has a close color scheme and (more importantly) it’s a pretty good watch for the money. Seiko has used their in-house 24 jewel 4R36 automatic movement. And the big 45mm stainless steel case is water resistant rated to 200M. Even though that’s less than some of the cheaper watches above, I trust Seiko to actually test their ratings. So even though it’s not the best match, it is a real diver’s watch. This one is on sale over at WatchShop.

The “Budget? What means this word Budget?” Option
Bremont Supermarine S301: $3816.00/£2995.00

Bond 25 Omega affordable alternatives

If you want a watch that looks a lot like the Bond 25 Omega, is built with the same quality and precision, and is priced almost the same as the Omega, here’s your alternative. I will say that, to my eyes, the Supermarine is one beautiful looking timepiece!

The Strap

As I mentioned above, I can’t be sure but it looks like Bond’s wearing his new Omega on a smooth, grey rubber/silicon strap. Edit: just in case you didn’t catch it up top: the new set photos from London clearly show it’s a Milanese metal strap. So the options below have been updated.

Daniel Craig Bond 25 Jamaica

Bewish Silver Stainless Steel Mesh Watch Band: $10.99

The low-cost option. The Bewish comes with a basic spring tool and four extra pins, which is a nice touch! And despite the low price, it’s sitting with a rating of 4.2 stars out of 5 after ten reviews. Amazon has sizes 18mm to 24mm in stock.

Watch Gecko Stainless Steel Milanese Mesh Watch Strap in Satin Finish: £28.00/$35.55

This one was recommended by AJB007 Forum member jon_1uk over on the Bond 25 watch thread. I’ve selected the Satin Finish option. But you can also get it in a polished silver if you want something a little flashier. Watch Gecko has sizes 18mm to 22mm in stock.

Esprit NATO Stainless Steel Mesh Watch Strap: €35.00

From the makers of the screen accurate Goldfinger Rolex watch band, their Milanese watch band is available in widths from 18mm to 24mm. They also have a version with quick release spring bars for €25.00. Just in case you like to frequently change your straps.

Have some suggestions for affordable alternatives for the Daniel Craig James Bond Omega watches? Tell us about them in the comments below! And remember you can also find Iconic Alternatives on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, just in case you’re looking for even more Bond inspiration. You can also now visit our official Amazon Store Page! We created it to make it easier for you to find all the different alternatives we find on the giant on-line retailer. Hope you’ll check it out and let us know what you think!

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